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Songkran Sawadee Pee Mai @ Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel, Bayan Lepas, Penang (3) 2

Songkran Sawadee Pee Mai @ Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel, Bayan Lepas, Penang!

Sawadee Krap! This is the month whereby many people will get wet as the Thais celebrate Songkran Festival. In conjunction with this celebration, Eastin Hotel Penang is organising a Thai-theme buffet called Songkran Sawadee Pee Mai featuring many mouth-watering Thai delicacies. Let’s start with the Soups & Appetisers.

Thai Set Lunch 2015 @ Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Georgetown, Penang (7) 0

Thai Set Lunch 2015 @ Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Hotel, Georgetown, Penang!

Here we are again for Glow Hotel Penang’s Zest Bar Cafe review of its new Thai set lunch menu and ala carte menu. Last year, we blogged about its Father’s Day promotion. You can check our blogpost here. The management has revamped the artwork on the walls of its hotel and Zest Bar Cafe. The cafe looked very funky and young with it latest design.


FOODeLICIOUS Food Exhibition 2014 is now at PISA, Penang (5-7 December 2014)

                IndoCafe ChekHup SoyMilk Spritzer Pran 888 Coffee & Tea   Pran Pran 的新产品,芒果汁。 PAMA  PAMA 新出的豆奶, 泰国制造, 但是成分来自日本. 888 Coffee & Tea 通源贸易有限公司是马来西亚最大的锡蘭茶,中国茶及咖啡粉制造商,历史悠久,始于1942年。各个产品系列都以“888”为主的品牌来包装和售卖于市场。 创办人洪通源原本在槟城打工售卖茶叶. 在日战时期失业后,为了生计向亲戚借了RM50开始从事家族茶叶买卖生意. 1948年,开始生产咖啡粉....


Eastin Hotel Penang June 2014 Buffet Theme: Around the World in 80 Dishes!!!

For June 2014, Eastin Hotel Penang will be introducing diverse selection of international cuisines from all over the world from China to Mexico under their buffet theme called Around the World in 80 Dishes. The ’80 dishes’ will be spread out over the days as 14 main dishes will selected from one of the 4-5 menus for the day and that does not includes the appetizers, soup and desserts. You will need roughly 5 visits to really taste all the 80 dishes of exotic cuisines from around the world. What KayaButter will be featuring is just a small part of the ’80 dishes’.

Kwong Hwa Tom Yam @ Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang (13) 0

Raja Uda Famous Kwong Wah Tom Yam Noodles @ Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang!

Finally, KayaButter get our chance to taste the famous tom yam noodle in Raja Uda. We have been seeing a lot of this tom yam noodles in Instagram and Facebook. Actually there are two stalls in Raja Uda that are famous for tom yam noodles. We are actually looking for the tom yam soup that are thicker and hotter but we get to Kwong Wah Tom Yam Noodle or some write it as Kwang Wah or Kwong Hwa which is just after the Petronas petrol station and besides Kwong Wah Primary School. The other famous tom yam noodles is at Joo Seng Cafe which KayaButter hope to try next time.