[Invited Review] 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu @ All Seasons Place, Farlim Part 2!!!

The desserts trend is here to stay for Malaysians. There are more and more desserts shop opening up in Penang. Still remember about the desserts shop that Kaya blogged about last week?

Ya, here is the 2nd part of Kaya’s review on 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu @ All Seasons Place. There are just too many desserts and food that Kaya had eaten on that day.

The people behind 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu has taken the bold and smart move to introduce afternoon high tea set which is also becoming a trend in Penang.

Friendship Afternoon High Tea Set RM45.90

The presentation of the set is good but feels like lacking something. Maybe lack of the gracefulness or grandness or the combination of colors but what can you expect from the price, right? The sandwich tastes very good. The flavor is thick.

Mango pudding is very awesome. Kaya might have some bias in this because Kaya loves mango a lot. Like a lot. The jelly is very chewy or the Taiwanese loves to call it as ‘Q’. Honeydew pudding is not so Q.

Overall the desserts are nice.

糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Tong Park Fu All Seasons Place Farlim Part 2 (2)

Stewed Papaya with Snow Fungus RM7.80

The papaya is soft and the sweetness of the soup is acceptable. Not too sweet.

糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Tong Park Fu All Seasons Place Farlim Part 2 (3)

Stewed Pear with Chuan Bei RM7.80.

Stewed pear is so nice to chew because of its softness. Not too soft and not too hard. Sweetness is also OK.

These series are good for those who a stressed and lack of vitality to recharge themselves by ordering this.

That’s all for now. In the next part, Kaya will be introducing its famous desserts with my most favorite fruit which is mango!!! Haha 🙂


糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu
All Seasons Place, Lebuhraya Thean Teik, Farlim 11500 Penang.
Main Office Contact No: +604-3248564
Email address: [email protected] 
FB: FB Fan Page
Website: http://www.tongparkfu.com/


Day: Daily
Time: 12:00pm – 12:00am

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