The Ipoh Famous Funny Mountain Soya Bean Milk & Soya Beancurd 奇峰豆腐花 @ Ipoh, Perak!!!

This is our 2nd food stop after visiting our favourite cave in Perak which is Kek Lok Tong. KayaButter will blog about it in the next post. Stay tuned. 🙂

Time for some desserts! We visit Ipoh’s famous soya bean milk and soya beancurd or what the locals call it as tau fu fah (in Cantonese) 🙂 This family-run business has been on-going for the past 60 years++. They definitely did something right with their soya bean milk and soya beancurd to last for so long.

One thing that piqued our interest is the drive-thru service that they provide. Yes, there is a drive-thru soya bean milk and tau fu fah but it is in a rather informal way. You just need to park your car in front or near the shop. Either you wait for their workers to go to you to take order or you can just call the workers or wave to them. They will understand. You can either dine in your car or take-away. The workers will settle everything for you. How convenient!!! Quite an innovative way to attract customers although some customers might feel that they are actually causing the road jam.

The price is very reasonable. RM1.00 for either a bowl of tau fu fah or a glass of soya bean milk. Previously, the price is only RM0.80. No wonder it is attracting throngs of customers. Although it is cheap, the portion given is rather a bit small. So, to enjoy more, you can order another glass or bowl.

They do have ais lengkong which is grass jelly drink or some will call it air cincau. You can also mix the soya bean milk and grass jelly. Some will call this as Michael Jackson because of his famous ‘Black or White’ song but don’t order the drink here using this term as KayaButter are not sure the stall operators know this term. Haha.

The Ipoh Famous Funny Mountain Soya Bean Milk & Soya Beancurd 奇峰豆腐花 @ Ipoh, Perak (5)

Since KayaButter is on the rush and with our parents, we are not so convenient to take photos of the drinks. 🙁 So, Kaya only manage to take photo of their ‘products’. You can also order take-aways in the form of small and big bottles except soya beancurd. Quite convenient, KayaButter would say.

My first sip of the soya bean milk is ecstasy. The rich aroma and taste of the soya bean milk hit on my taste buds hard. Instantly, it attracts me to take another sip and another sip until it is finished. That’s how good this soya bean milk is. It is very full of soya bean taste unlike some other soya bean milk operator whereby you can only taste the sugar syrup and water more than the soya bean.

KayaButter do not order the tau fu fah but our parents do. They feel that the milk taste overpowers the taste of soya bean. Nonetheless, the tau fu fah is super smooth. One bowl is never enough!

Funny Mountain is also deemed as The Best of The World by 8TV. Awesome! How I wish you will open one branch in Penang so that KayaButter can satisfy our craving.

The Ipoh Famous Funny Mountain Soya Bean Milk & Soya Beancurd 奇峰豆腐花 @ Ipoh, Perak (7)

Their opening hours is 10:30am until all their drinks and tau fu fah are finished. So, do be there early so that you will not be disappointed.

contact information

Funny Mountain Soya Bean
49, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh, Perak.
Telephone No: 04-546 9968
Contact No: 012-516 1607 (Cliff Tan)
Email: [email protected]

business hours


1030am – finish

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  1. One of my must-go place whenever I am in Ipoh. 🙂

    BTW, notice that it shares the same logo as Chek Hup White Coffee (rabbit with wheelbarrow)? I wonder whether they are related? :-p

    • AS says:

      The founder of Chek Hup is also the founder of Funny Mountain. Now Funny Mountain is owned by his brother, if im not mistaken.

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