Coronary Heart Disease Updates in Malaysia & Latest Treatment Options

On 05 October 2013, I was invited to attend a health talk, regarding Coronary Heart Disease Updates in Malaysia & Latest Treatment Options, in Parkroyal Penang Resort. It started at 10.30am and ended at 1pm. Three cardiologists and specialists as below, are invited to brief the media.

1. Dr Simon Lo
Organising Chairman of CCI 2013,
Consultant Cardiologist/Interventional Cardiologist,
Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang

 2. Dr Chang Sau Kong
Consultant Cardiologist,
Adventist Hospital

3. Prof Stephen Lee
Chief of Cardiology,
Professor and Senior Consultant,
Department of Medicine,
Queen Mary Hospital,
University of Hong Kong

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The organizer was so considerate to prepare those delicious light breakfast for us.

Mushroom tart was really nice.

Dr Simon Lo talked about Coronary Artery Disease in Malaysia and overview of Complex Cardiovascular Intervention (CCI) 2013

Dr. Simon Lo started the media briefing by explaining causes of heart blockage. He stated that Malaysia’s number 1 killer disease was Coronary Heart Disease, which was 25.4% of the total mortality rate, according to The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2011. Based on the statistic of Malaysia NCVD-PCI Registry on 2008, male was 82% tended to have heart problem comparing to the female, which has the risk of 18%. People of age group 50 -<60 and 60 – <70 had the highest percentage to get this disease, which were 36% and 28% each.

People got heart problem due to lacking of exercise, obesity, cigarette smoking, unhealthy diet, alcohol intake and etc. The high risk group would be people with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, menopause and etc. According to statistic, Malays were easier to get this disease. However, 40% of the coronary patients had no symptoms at all.

Heart Disease is caused by atherosclerosis, which the blood vessel which supply blood and oxygen to the heart, becomes narrow and thicken, due to the accumulation of fatty substances such as cholesterol. It does not happen in one day.


Normally, people who has heart attack will undergo these two operations, angioplasty or bypass. Angioplasty is less complicated and safer than bypass. It is to enter a tubing from the patient’s wrist or groin into the heart, to dilate the balloon and put a stent in the blocking area of the artery.

Dr Chang Sau Kong Spoke about Coronary Stent and Healing Properties
Dr Chang showed and compared the strengths and weaknesses of  different types of stents available in the market. There are Bare Metal Stent (BMS), Drug Eluting Stent (DES), Bio-Engineered Stent, Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS) and Dual Therapy Stent (DTS). BMS and Bio-engineered Stent may lead to vessel re-narrowing after the operation. DES is better than BMS but it has the risk of stent thrombosis. BVS has limited indications due to its scaffold material, i.e. calcified, tortuous and chronic total occluded lesions.
Professor Stephen Lee Giving Speech Regarding EGO COMBO
Prof Stephen Lee explained to the media about the latest option for heart disease, which was the  Dual Therapy Stent. In his point of view, this new type of stent was the best one.
He mentioned that it was very important that the arteries healed well after the operation. The coated stent should be buried in the arteries. In the other hand, it should be able to prevent the arteries from clogging back.
Coronary Heart Diseases Update & Latest Treatment Updates Malaysia 2013 (9)
Prof Stephen Lee showed a series of pictures and interesting video of the conditions of the arteries after putting the combo stents.

Here is the YouTube animation video link by OrbusNeich of how Combo Stent works in the heart:

The actual COMBO Dual Therapy Stent by OrbusNeich (, which has not yet blown. So far, this medical technology has not used in Penang yet. There are only 2 hospitals in Kuala Lumpur own this latest method.
Question and answer session.
The cardiologists explained how the blood flowed into the heart and the way angioplasty was done.
At the end of the event, it was an honor to take a photo with Dr Chang!
Overall, it was an interesting event which enable me to gain a lot of useful knowledge. Thank you Titanium Event Management for the invitation.
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