Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock to Rock Run 2013!

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (1)

October is a busy month for Hard Rock Hotel Penang with their Pinktober events and also one of the most anticipated event organized by Hard Rock Hotel Penang which is Rock to Rock Run which also means a busy month for KayaButter because we are invited to cover their events. 🙂

KayaButter heard of Rock to Rock Run two years ago and have always wanted to join. The main attraction of the run will be the limited edition Hard Rock running T, designed especially for the run only. As we all know, a Hard Rock T-shirt will cost a minimum of RM80 and above. So, the T-shirt alone is already exceed the money that you pay for the fees. 😛 We missed this year run again due to our work and other matters and didn’t get to register. Butter was very disappointed.

This year, Hard Rock Hotel Penang increased the limit of participants to 2,200++ and still the registration is closed very fast because Hard Rock Hotel Penang implemented online registration for this year. So, for those who have missed this event this year, like Hard Rock Hotel Penang FB page to keep yourself updated to their upcoming Rock to Rock Run. The fees are:

Fun Run (3.8KM): RM45.00
Competitive Run (10.2KM): RM65.00

Thank God that Butter was very luck because she was invited by Hard Rock Hotel Penang to run and blog about it. Amen. And she also managed to get her size for the running T. God is really great and thank you Hard Rock Hotel Penang for the opportunity. With further ado, let’s talk about the event.

Below is the program schedule:

6:15AM          Registration

6:40AM          Warm Up & Vibe Dance

6:50AM          Safety briefing by PAAA

7:00AM          Start of Competitive Run (10.2KM)

7:10AM          Start of Fun Run (3.8KM)

8:00AM          Zumba Dance

8:30AM          Mystery gifts, finishing medals & Certificates of Completion giveaway to
all qualified runners.

8:40AM          Speech by Mr John Primmer,General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Penang

8:45AM          Speech by YB Chong Eng, Exco of State Youth & Sports, Women, Family &
Community Development

8:50AM          Mock cheque presentation to SJK (C) Permatang Tinggi, Bukit Mertajam

9:00AM          Awards Presentation
1. Top 5 Males
2. Top 5 Male Veteran
3. Top 5 Females
4. Top 5 Female Veterans
5.  Top 10 Best Dressed Like a Rock Star

9:15AM          Group Photography Session

9:20AM          Lucky Draw (1st Session)

9:30AM          Live Band – Ray & Jazzhats

9:50AM          Lucky Draw (2nd Session)

10:00AM        Live Band – Deviate

10:20AM        Lucky Draw (3rd Session)

10:30AM        Adjourn

KayaButter are very sorry as there are no photos in the early morning. Guess why? We overslept and we reached just on time for the run. 😛 Anyhow, we still can show you where to register and to get your wrist band. 🙂

By the way, as tip for Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock to Rock Run, just park anywhere that you find as long as you do not block other people’s entrance or exit as there is limited parking spaces near Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Imagine, there are around 2,200++ runners. 🙂 But there is a disclaimer. We cannot guarantee that you will not be fined, ya! So, listen to our advice with a lot of salt! 😛

P/S: We parked illegally and thank God there is not summon when we go back to get our car. The time we got back to our car was around 1:00pm++.

The Rockers waiting for the 1st winner of their Rock to Rock Run!

The registration counter is at Hard Rock Hotel Penang carpark. You will not miss it when you walked into Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (4)

Butter with her happy face and her bib. 🙂

At that time, Lotus Malaysia is also doing a roadshow for their cars. How I wish I own this car for my driving pleasure. 🙂 #dreambig 😛

Butter on the run! 🙂

Rocker spotted while Butter is running! So awesome. Who says that age is a limit?! Rockers are without age limit! 

We will be running at the side of the road. So, be careful of cars and motorbikes. Luckily there are many marshal looking out for you.

Even dog also wish to join the run. It accompany Butter for a while before got distracted with other things. 🙂

Butter got invited to join the Fun Run only which is 3.8KM only and Spice Garden is the 2nd pit-stop where you will run back to the hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (11)

You need to run through this gate and you will be greeted with friendly staffs and you will be given a choice of orange juice and 100 Plus.

Spiderman spotted!!!

Butter managed to finish her 3.8KM run in 35 minutes++. Nice 🙂 Still need to improve her speed. 🙂

Happy face! Haha 🙂

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (15)

You will be given a wristband when you register and another wristband when you finished your race in order to entitle for the certificate of completion and finisher’s medal if you are joining the Competitive Run (10.2KM).

Butter with her Certificate of Completion and the mystery gift which is Hard Rock Hotel’s button pins (4X).
As usual, the long queue after the run for energizing Milo and also 100 Plus. The queue after the Fun Run is rather short and when the Competitive Run runners finish, the queue will be very very long. 🙂

Remember to put your lucky draw number into the box near the stage to stand a chance to win lots of awesome prizes.

Do support Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s latest initiative to fight hunger, Can Lah whereby you donate cans of food and they will send them to Myanmar refugee children of Lifebridge Learning Centre and their families. For more information, check out this link here.

Zumba Dance to excite the crowd after the run!

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (21)

You will be given one complimentary bottle of water and a Massimo bread to fill up partially of your stomach while waiting for lucky draw and announcements . 🙂

One of their sponsors, Spice Garden organizing a traditional game for the runners to have some fun time.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (23)

If you wish to cool yourself down, remember to get this cool Rocker’s fan! 😛

This one I really cannot fathom, buying properties here after a run? Will you? Anyhow, a good effort to promote yourself. 🙂

Another run is coming. Newton Challenge!

Brooks with their promotion. Some good deals and brisk sales. 🙂

You can do charity while look rocking good. Take a photo from RM4 and proceeds will be donated.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (28)

Butterfly Farm showcasing their reptiles and their offers. 🙂

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (29)

Cupcakes!!! All for charity. That’s a good initiative. 🙂

This is also another booth with brisk sales. 2 Hard Rock T-shirts. What a steal! KayaButter bought 4 Hard Rock T-shirts. 🙂

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock To Run 2013 (32)

Finally I found you! The Rockstar featured in the promotional flyer! 🙂

Speech by Mr John Primmer,General Manager of Hard Rock Hotel Penang. A rather ‘soo boon’ (Hokkien) looking guy. 😛

 Speech by YB Chong Eng, Exco of State Youth & Sports, Women, Family & Community Development. Very powderful speech! Never judge a book by its cover. She may look petite but her voice is loud, clear and energetic!

Presenting the mock cheque of RM50,000 to SJK (C) Permatang Tinggi, Bukit Mertajam. This year, this school is chosen by Hard Rock Hotel Penang to help because the school really needs funding to fix their school and upgrade their facilities.

The Top 5 Males runners of Rock to Rock Run 2013!

The Top 5 Male Veteran runners of Rock to Rock Run 2013!

The Top 5 Female runners of Rock to Rock Run 2013!

The Top 5 Female Veteran runners of Rock to Rock Run 2013!

Top 10 Best Dressed Like a Rock Star! I find that Rock to Rock Run has a huge following of rockstars and some of the winners are also past winners in 2012 run.

Some of the lucky winners of the lucky draw. Butter was so close to winning one when the number announced missed by a few numbers only. No luck this time but next year will be better!

The crowds were entertained by The Jazzhats & Ray with his soothing voice and very powerful songs that make the crowds high and some even went up the stage to dance with him.

I missed photographing Deviate band as I need to attend to nature’s call.

Flying with Rockstar Wings! Yes, Hard Rock Hotel prepared this just for the runners to photograph. And yes, you need to queue. 🙂

That sums up the whole event and we are really looking forward for next year’s Rock to Rock Run!

Thank you Danielle Fung for extending this invitation for the run and Grace Chiam for inviting us for the awesome lunch!

Rock to Rock Run! Cheers!

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  1. danielle says:

    This is really awesome and fun. I like the pic of the running dog and Butter’s red cheeks. Did Kaya run or not?

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Danielle,

      Yeah. It is ROCKing awesome run. Had a good morning over there. Yup. Didn’t expect the dog to run with us. 🙂

      Kaya did run. Maybe 500m? 😛 Stomachache. 🙁 By the time I start running, Butter is back already… Hehe 🙂 Maybe next year.

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