Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center @ Butterworth!!!

Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Penang (1)Situated in the heart of Butterworth, Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center is very easy to be spotted. Its blue color building, hence the name Blue Box and the big standing lion stood out and is easily recognized along Jalan Bagan Jermal.

Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Penang (2)308 Griffe, the limited edition for Peugeot 308, a flashy and sportier 308 displayed at the reception area.

Ladies will always like hatchback cars. 😛

Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Penang (4)

When Kaya and Butter reached the Blue Box, many of the bloggers asked us to check out its toilet. And indeed Blue Box’s toilet didn’t disappoint and really wows us. 🙂 There is a saying that to know whether the management of a company walks its talk, check their toilet.

One thing unique about Blue Box Peugeot is the showroom is at 1st floor. Not sure whether it is because they don’t have enough space in their building but luckily they have lift and stairs for visitors to use. Disabled people and those who have difficulties in climbing stairs will be happy to have lifts.

They have a very ample space and Butter really loves the theme that Blue Box used: clean, simple, contemporary and classy. And definitely a lot of white is being used. If you are feeling tired, you can rest on its futuristic sofa and drink a cup of coffee or cappuccino. You can also surf the Internet with their guest WiFi.

And what impressed us is that Peugeot Blue Box has a lot of rooms on the 1st floor for different usages. 3 rooms called Peugeot Professional for the salespeople to have discussion about the cars or you can use the rooms for your work use or just to relax yourself. They have an entertainment room in case you have kids or you need to entertain yourself. 🙂

This is what you see inside the entertainment room. Beautiful isn’t it?

Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Penang (10)

Very beautiful room for discussion, I would say. 🙂 How wish if my work room is just like this. Look at the beautiful lamp. So classy.

One thing that Butter noticed is that they have a big big glass on the 1st floor for the customers to see their cars when they are being serviced. You can check on your car at the comfort from the 1st floor.

And this is just how your Peugeot will be serviced. Very meticulous and careful. Quite impressive. We own a Honda City and I can say that Honda service center that I send my car to does not do like that. 🙁

Do make appointment before you send your Peugeot for service. Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center has 6 service bays and they can service around 23 cars a day. Do give them a call before you come. 🙂

Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Penang (15)

And the usual laments of car enthusiasts is that Peugoet does not have a lot spare parts or the spare parts are very expensive due to scarce availability of spare parts. Now you don’t have to worry because Peugoet is committed to provide affordable spare parts and they have more and more 3S centers in Malaysia.

Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Penang (16)

And the big surprise for us is that Peugeot is providing an extra service for its customer by having a Peugeot Lounge at Subang Skypark Terminal. It is a free service for all its Peugeot customers. The airport lounge provides:

  • Delectable treats and beverages
  • Wifi & Internet services
  • Astro TV entertainment
  • Flight information display
  • Newspaper, magazines and other reading materials
  • VIP Room

Admission Criteria to the Peugeot Lounge at the Subang Skypark Terminal: 

  • Must be a current Peugeot Owner
  • Must possess valid boarding pass for outbound flight on day of use.
  • Present Privilege Card or Peugeot car keys.

The guests of the Patrons are required to fulfill all of the following criterias: 

  • Must be accompanied by Patron.
  • Must possessed valid boarding pass for the outbound flight on day of use.

Guest entrance fee (where applicable) as below: 

  • Complimentary for 1st Guest.
  • RM50.00 for the 2nd Guest.
  • RM40.00 for the 3rd Guest onwards.

I would say that Peugeot has done a good job to win its existing customers and attracting more new customers. We enjoyed our visit to its Blue Box very much. Thank you for hosting us. Butter really loved Peugeot 508. Maybe a lucky draw for us, bloggers? 😛


CS Euro Auto Sdn Bhd
7290-7294, Jalan Bagan Jermal, Taman Bayu
12300 Butterworth, Penang.
Tel: 04-3324001, 04-3322001, 3327001
Fax: 04-3242001

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