Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang @ Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center Butterworth Launched!!!

Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang was launched on the same day of our visit to Peugeot Blue Box 3S Center at Butterworth. Peugeot Blue Box prepared a buffet and salespeoples to advise us and visitors about Peugeot & the club.

Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Launched (2)

Visitors inquiring about Peugeots. 🙂

The bloggers and the crowds. 🙂Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Launched (4)

We got to eat very delicious buffet food. Loved the chicken rendang. Awesomeness 🙂

After we had filled our tummy, we got to test drive Peugeot 308.

Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Launched (5) Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Launched (8) Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Launched (9)

Look who is driving. Kaya, the boss. 😛Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Launched (11)We loved the window roof. Lots of sunshine, sky and the clouds. 🙂 I am thinking of a second car now. 😛

Car clubs are really fun whereby members of the same car will get to meetup together and exchanging tips on how to take care of the car and share experience on how to handle problems and so on. One of the bloggers who got to join a car club loved the club so much that she is joining so many of their events. Here is the Peugeot Malaysia Club Penang Facebook group:

Peugeot Club Malaysia Penang Facebook Group

Currently it is a private group and with invitation only. Do call CS Euro Auto Sdn Bhd for more information.


CS Euro Auto Sdn Bhd
7290-7294, Jalan Bagan Jermal, Taman Bayu
12300 Butterworth, Penang.
Tel: 04-3324001, 04-3322001, 3327001
Fax: 04-3242001

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