[SPONSORED POST] TalentCorp SFCF 2013 @ Dewan Utama Pelajar, USM!

TalentCorp SFCF 2013 USM (30)

On that beautiful Sunday morning (6th October 2013), I attended a career fair in Universiti Sains Malaysia. This fair was held in Dewan Utama Pelajar for two days, 5th& 6th October 2013. It started at 10am and ended at 6pm for these two days.

Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad was the organizer of this meaningful event. The titile of the fair was Sector Focus Career Fair, that was mainly focus on Sciences, Healthcare & Social Sciences. It was opened to all undergraduates of IPTA and IPTS, young professionals and unemployed graduates. It consisted of 11 sectors of NKEAs, which included Oil & Gas, Electronics& Electrical, IT, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Tourism, FMCG and Education. The purpose of the fair was to educate students and public regarding those 11 sectors. During the event, it has job fairs, interviews, C-Talk, ICQ quiz and etc.

TalentCorp SFCF 2013 USM (27) TalentCorp SFCF 2013 USM (16) TalentCorp SFCF 2013 USM (13)

I find this fair really interesting and I learn a lot through it. Below is the link for their Facebook page:



Prepared by Butter.
 All the pictures above are taken by my Samsung S4.

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