The 3rd Comedy Show by The Comedy Club Penang @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang!

Thank you again to Grace Chiam, Hard Rock Hotel Penang for extending your invitation to us to attend your 3rd Comedy Show!

KayaButter have never attended any stand up comedy show before. It has never been the in thing for Penangnites or Malaysians to attend a stand up comedy show but it is slowly building up its momentum.

Last time, Malaysians, especially corporate groups are entertained by Gurmit Singh aka Phua ChuKang, the best in Singapore & some say JB! Nowadays, we have our own home grown comedian, Harith Iskander being the most famous ones to entertain Malaysians and also other countries as well, with his head as smooth as Nescafe’s creamer. And last year, Rusell Peters came over to Malaysia to perform to a full house! And now, stand up comedy is the in thing for Malaysians to relax after a tough a day or just to laugh out loud (LOL).

And in Penang, Hard Rock Hotel Penang & The Comedy Club Penang is trying to warm up the stand up comedy scene in Penang and to introduce many famous stand up comedians for Penangnites to have a taste of both local and international jokes. 🙂

KayaButter had good laughs until our stomachs ache 😛 This is their 3rd session and Hard Rock Hotel Penang is organizing it for 6 months in a row. The 4th session will be on 8th December 2013 (Sunday), the last one in 2013 at Hard Rock Cafe, Penang. The 5th session will also be in Hard Rock Cafe. The previous 3 session was in Hall of Fame.

KayaButter cannot reveal too much of the content but they are good. 😉

Here’s the ticket. You are entitled to one free drink when you present this ticket at the make-shift bar inside Hall of Fame. The price of the ticket is RM60. The time is 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Tommy being the host of the event. Andrew Netto, the MC of The Comedy Club Penang said this the first time there is a host for the host of the event. 😛

The 3rd Comedy Show by The Comedy Club Penang @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang (4)

Andrew, warming up the crowd with some of his personal jokes. He really understand the Malaysian cultures a lot. 🙂

First on board, Rizal Van Geyzel from Malaysia. This guy is a natural also. Lots of Malaysian cultures been joked about. Loved about the mosque and shoes thingy. 🙂

Next up is Pierre Hollins from United Kingdom. Looks a bit creepy but cracks good jokes. Trying hard to blend into our cultures and still able to deliver the laughs. 🙂

A handsome guy. Kaya literally can sense that all the girls in the room let off a slight orgasmic cry when he goes up the stage. 😛 Very lively and energetic. 🙂

This event managed to make us laugh off all our aches and pain from the 10KM Penang Bridge International Marathon. 🙂 Do attend even once in your lifetime. 🙂 Our #AchievementUnlocked 😛

For more information and tickets, call 04-8868015 or email [email protected] You can also purchase the ticket at the Rock Shop Main. 🙂

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