[Invited Review] 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu @ All Seasons Place, Farlim Part 3!!!

In this 3rd part of Tang Bo Fu review, Kaya will be sharing their shaved ice desserts, after talking about TBF’s main courses, finger food and hot desserts.

Shaved ice desserts are Malaysians’ favorite dessert. It is easy to understand why. Malaysia’s hot & humid weather. It started with ice kacang or fondly known as ABC and chendol. Now, we are offered even with more choices with Taiwanese desserts and Hong Kong desserts. These desserts really looked tempting. Let Kaya go through one by one those icy cool delicious desserts.

Mango Mini Rice Ball with Ice Cream (Mango) RM12.80

The rice ball is a bit hard. The ice cream is nice. Overall, if you prefer something special and ‘mango-ey’ with ice cream, this is a must try.

Mango Mini Sago RM7.80

Honeydew Mini Sago RM5.80

This series is for those who loves the respective fruits and like to eat them with the chewy sago. Then you should try this.

Mixed Fruits Chinese Herbal Pudding with Ice Cream RM9.80

The presentation is so tempting. Very colorful and inviting. Loved the Chinese herbal pudding. Very Q and loves the texture.The combination is a bit weird. Some will like it and some might not like it but do give it a try. It’s something new. 🙂 Remember to put the honey given in a small container.

Mixed Fruits Mango Pudding with Ice Cream RM9.80

糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Tong Park Fu All Seasons Place Farlim Part 3 (5)

Mango Cocunut Mango RM7.80

This one is for those who loved mango and coconut milk a lot! Very thick flavor and nice mango cubes.

There are still more desserts to be featured. Kaya will introduce more in the next and last blogpost about Tang Bo Fu offerings.


糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu
All Seasons Place, Lebuhraya Thean Teik, Farlim 11500 Penang.
Main Office Contact No: +604-3248564
Email address: [email protected]m 
FB: FB Fan Page
Website: http://www.tongparkfu.com/


Day: Daily
Time: 12:00pm – 12:00am

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