Butterworth Famous Yam Rice & Salted Vegetable Soup @ Soon Long Cafe, Chai Leng Park, Penang!

*All shots are taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2*

Last week, KayaButter needed to go over to Butterworth to service one of our Dr Tron customers. Since the customer stays in Taman Perkasa, Raja Uda, Kaya has the excuse to pay a visit to the famous Butterworth Yam Rice & Salty Vegetable Soup. Butter is not so keen of eating yam rice and especially the salty vegetable soup because of health concerns.

It is sometimes quite confusing on how to go to to the Butterworth famous Yam Rice. The food stall is located inside Soon Long Cafe. Actually it is easy to find once you been there a few times. After taking the U-turn from the highway, turn left into Chai Leng Park. Then, turn left on the first junction that you see on your left. Drive until the end and turn right at the crossroad. Then after a short drive, turn right at the junction. Drive for 100mm to 200mm and start to look for carpark. Remember to put MPSP parking coupons. The coffee shop with a lot of people is the Soon Long Cafe.


Lunch time is a very packed time but luckily the patrons eats rather quick, maybe because of 1-hour lunch break, so it is quite easy to get a place.

You can order whatever stuffs that you want or that you don’t want. KayaButter do not eat pork’s organs. So, we ordered without those.


The owner is very kind to understand that the weather in Chai Leng Park is rather dry and hot most of the time, so they installed an air cooler. Pick the right table and you will have the cool air blowing at you. Very nice while enjoying the piping hot salty vegetable soup.

Besides selling pork organs, you can order stewed pork legs, soy sauce bean curd and braised eggs. KayaButter are not fans of stewed pork legs. So, we didn’t order the pork legs. We ordered the soy sauce bean curd and braised eggs instead. Both tasted average.

The salty vegetable soup is good. Salty and sour. Comparing with Yam Rice at Sentosa Cafe, Bukit Mertajam, the soup lack a certain kick of saltiness and sourness. Kaya still prefers the salted vegetable soup at Bukit Mertajam.

Surprisingly, the Yam Rice here stands out with the addition of dried baby shrimps. Definitely add flavor and crunchiness to the yam rice. KayaButter love them so much! The number of dried baby shrimps varies. My second bowl of yam rice has more dried baby shrimps. The yam rice is good and not too wet or dry.

The overall price for the meal is RM16.50 if Kaya is not mistaken. That includes salty vegetable soup with pork meats for two, 3 bowls of yam rice and 2 longan drinks or sometimes we local call it as fighting fish drink. 😛

That being said, Kaya still prefers the Yam Rice & Salted Vegetable Soup and Pork Organs at Sentosa Corner Cafe, Jalan Kulim, BM.

contact information

Yam Rice & Salted Vegetable Soup Stall
Soon Long Coffee Shop,
Lebuh Kurau 1, Chai Leng Park,
13700 Butterworth Penang.
(Opposite Chai Leng Park Wet Market)
GPS: 5.384338, 100391575

business hour

Opens Daily

11:00am – 3:00pm

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