G Café High Tea Buffet @ G Hotel Gurney, Penang!

Well, last Saturday, Butter and her coursemates went to G Hotel Gurney for their after exam gathering that had been postponed for a long while. Kaya tagged along. Hehe 🙂 G Hotel Gurney definitely is considered as the most contemporary and chic hotel with its bold and special designs. So, Kaya will not miss this chance to dine there!

The price for adult is RM45++ and RM22.50++ for child. There will be a 10% service charge and also 6% government tax.

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

Chicken lovers! TRY THIS! The chicken is well cooked and soft to chew. The chicken is grilled until the flavor permeates into the meat and hence the great taste you have each time you bite it! Put on the mushroom sauce if you want to enhance the chicken’s flavor.

Deep Fried Fish

A must try. This Deep Fried Fish receives rave reviews among us. The flavor is thick and a tad bit of spiciness to tingle your taste bud and causing you to want more. Kaya had three rounds of this! The fish is soft and Q to chew. 🙂

Grilled Vegetables

A rather different ways of cooking the vegetables. Crunchy and taste wise is acceptable.

Seafood Fried Rice

A well cooked fried rice. Very nice of G Hotel to include seafood in its fried rice. Not always do we see seafood fried rice in buffets compared with fried rice or white rice. The rice used is of higher quality and tastes nice and good to chew. Most of us definitely know whether the rice is good by looking at it or when we first chew on it. This rice here is good and also the seafood.

Mushroom & Leek Quiche

The concept is like a mini egg tart or fruit tart. Just that the filling is mushroom at the bottom and the leek quitche is on top. At first glance, you might mistakenly think that it is a cheese tart. Taste wise, it is kind of weird combination. One bite and Kaya has a weird feeling about it. Definitely will appeal to a certain group of people but not everyone. 🙂 Butter likes the crust. Crunchy and not too hard.

Mini Pizza

It is nice to see a pizza in buffets. And thank God it is a thin crust pizza. Although it looked good, taste wise it is average only. Maybe KayaButter is expecting a stronger flavor with lots of cheese and ingredient. If you are looking for a mild taste of pizza, then this is the one for you! 🙂

The Deep Fried Asian Tapas

Do try the deep fried tapas on the left! Very tasty and has a sweet ending! KayaButter didn’t try the one on the right as we were very full already.

G Café High Tea Buffet @ G Hotel Gurney, Penang (11)

Oriental food lovers, come and savor the paos and siew mais! Not bad and the best part is that you can eat until your heart is content. 🙂 They even provide chili sauce and sweet sauce. There are also mussels and fried wantan that KayaButter missed taking photos. The wantan is rather normal and lack of the crunchiness of a fried wantan. The mussel is also average.

Chicken Salad & Mussel Salad

Fruit Corner

They even have a salad corner and fruits corner side by side. KayaButter are never fans of salads. So, do try and let us know how the salads are, ya! 🙂

Rojak aka Malaysian Salad

One of the highlights of the high tea buffet. Not many buffets have this dessert. Rojak is Malaysian version of fruit salad where fruits and cucumber and mixed together with prawn paste gravy and some chili paste. G Hotel is very detailed to include a mixing bowl to mix the fruits, cucumber and the gravy together well. My overseas friends, do TRY this if you are going to this buffet!

G Café High Tea Buffet @ G Hotel Gurney, Penang (16)

A varitey of desserts

Overall, the desserts do not disappoint us and has certain quality. Some of the desserts stood out such as the blueberry cake and sardine bun.

Besides serving cold or hot water, you can get sugar cane drink or chrysanthemum drink at the section besides the pao and siew mai. Both sugar cane and chrysanthemum helps to cool down the body. So, they are good for your health.

There is also a sandwich corner besides the desserts corner that serves sandwiches according to your preferences.

Action Station

Another section nearby prepares char koay teow and satays. The char koay teow is cooked on the spot after you order. The quality of the char koay teow improved a lot since the last time KayaButter went to their buffet. We find that the flavor is stronger already and tastes better although a bit too salty.

Daily Carvery

Daily Noodle

At the other end of the buffet are, there are two stalls serving food prepared on the spot. There is a stall preparing baked tomato and hash browns. The other stalls provides curry mee. You can customise your order. Butter’s friend ordered a very small portion of curry mee just to get the taste. The feedback is that the curry mee is good! Of course, we are comparing the standard between hotels and not hawker’s.

Gelatomio, Italian Ice Cream

Definitely a very good dessert to end your sweet & hearty high tea buffet. The flavor ia strong yet no sweet. Kaya particularly love the Strawberry Cream & Almond Caramel whereas as always, Butter loves Double Chocolate. The gelato is definitely smoother than ice cream and feel so easy on our mouth & throat. Please indulge as much as possible! The gelato station states that the gelatos are up to 99% fat free. Good news for the ladies?

G Café High Tea Buffet @ G Hotel Gurney, Penang (26)

G Café High Tea Buffet @ G Hotel Gurney, Penang (27)

Overall, the food are of good quality although the selections are not many. Many of the dishes satisfies KayaButter and her friends who went there together with her.

Good value for your money to spend your afternoon here at Malaysia’s most stylish address, G Hotel Gurney. The atmosphere is very classy and chic and the staffs are friendly and quick. Everytime you leave your empty plate and go for your next round, your used plate will be cleared once you reach back to your table. Good job, G Hotel Gurney!

contact information

G Café, G Hotel Gurney
168A, Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Gurney Drive, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel No: +604-238 0000
Fax No: +604-238 0088
Email: food.bev[email protected]
Website: www.ghotel.com.my

business hours

Saturdays Only

1:00pm – 4:00pm

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