Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat – 18 to 19 April 2015

The inaugural Penang Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat took place at the Balinese Theme, Lost Paradise Resort in Penang from 18 to 19 of April 2015. The objective of this retreat is to provide and educate the participants on healthy living and lifestyles as well as temporary getaway from the rat-race life.

Blackmores is Australia’s leading natural health brand. Their quality products range from vitamin, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements, and continued support of the community and environment has led them to being awarded the Australia’s ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for vitamins and supplements for the sixth year running in the year 2014.

The retreat was facilitated by the three certified and experienced Blackmores Health Advisory Team from Kuala Lumpur, Ms. Alyssa Ng, Ms. Jeannie Kwa and Ms. Monitar Tan.


  For a minimal fee, participants will get a goody bag filled with magazines, vouchers, Blackmore products and other brochures containing highly informative health advice.


Day 1 Programme


The Day 1 Programme was kick-started with an icebreaking session among participants and the Blackmores Team. Each year only a total of maximum 30 participants are allowed for this retreat. So I am lucky and grateful to be invited as a blogger for this retreat in Penang.


The first workshop was about “Detox for good health” and “DIY healthy snacks and juices” which was facilitated by Ms. Alyssa Ng. The importance of detox and healthy detoxifying foods were stressed and explained in this session followed by a short practical lessons on methods of making juices from fruits and vegetables as well as proper combination for maximum health benefits. Recipes for juicing were also given out to the participants.


Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_4


 Nuts and Fruits for short break


The second workshop continued with “Addressing skin issues” and “DIY skin care remedies” by Ms. Monitar. The participants were educated on the common causes of various types of skin issues such as acne, eczema and athlete’s foot followed by possible natural treatments and preventions. Later on, the participants were led to the kitchen for a short DIY skin care remedies (eg. Lotions) by using easily available ingredients from the local markets.



The lunch break provided was specially requested by the Blackmores Team to provide healthy and balanced vegetarian diet for the participants throughout the duration of the retreat.


Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_6a

Brown Rice and Vegetarian Dishes for Lunch


After the great fulfilling lunch, the participants took a short break before proceeding with an exercise session for optimal health. Ms. Jeannie Kwa began with introduction to some important health terms such as Body Mass Index (BMI), metabolism and the importance of exercise. That includes the types of meal to be consumed before and after exercise. Next, every participant regrouped and learnt about daily simple stretching from top to toe which is important towards maintaining healthy body. A short presentation manual was also provided for this routine to the participants.

As this is a health retreat, participants went on for a free and easy day in the evening and dinner. Dinner provided was also consisting of delicious vegetarian dishes and brown rice.


Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_8Dinner served was Thai Vegetarian cuisine


After the dinner and some good rest, Ms. Monitar Tan briefed the participants on “Tips on having a good night sleep” before gathering the participants by the beach for a practical session on sleeping techniques. The practical session was facilitated by none other than Ms. Jeannie Kwa. Participants were taught on breathing techniques towards inducing good sleep. As a participants myself, I would say that this technique is quite effective as I fell asleep halfway through the session. The final session of the day ended with relaxation exercise.




Day 2 Programme


The second day of the Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat began early in the morning with a light refreshing exercise at 7.30am led by Ms. Jeannie Kwa.


After the breakfast, participants gathered back at the basement of the reception building for a workshop on “Memory boosting through natural remedies” by Ms. Alyssa Ng. Basic explanation on the brain and factors affecting the brain health were explained including power foods and herbs that could improve and maintain the brain cells and health.



Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_12



The final workshop of this retreat was on “Aromatherapy and Stress Management”. In my opinion, this session is the most important of all session in today’s working life. Life with stress is equal to life without happiness. Therefore we should do away with stress. Ms. Monitar Tan presented on various easy methods to release stress, which include via aromatherapy and massage.


A simple method on making your own massage ointment was conducted by Ms. Monitar Tan followed by a short ‘tutorial’ on effective and relaxing hand massage which was one of the highlights of the retreat (in my personal opinion).



Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_15


Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_16


The retreat ended with group photo session and final healthy vegetarian lunch with hope that the participants will continue practicing the techniques and methods learnt in this retreat.


Get healthy and relax with Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat-18 to 19 April 2015_17

Final Vegetarian Lunch at the Lost Paradise Resort





Kudos to the Blackmores Health Advisory Team for the informative yet highly professional workshops. Without a doubt, if my schedule allows, I will definitely be participating in the next health retreat in the year 2016.


For more information about Blackmores Health and Wellness Retreat Naturopath, you may contact the Blackmores Health Advisory Team:


Ms. Alyssa ng ([email protected]);

Ms. Jeannie Kwa ([email protected]);

Ms. Monitar Tan ([email protected]);

Ms. Goh Sue San ([email protected])


Since Kaya & Butter are in Johor Bahru for our complimentary stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, we have Dr Hong from to be our guest blogger to cover this event. Thank you very much to Dr Hong for covering this event. Anyone else wishes to guest blog do let us know at

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