Get Pinked! Cocktail Party 2013 @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!

Hard Rock Hotel PG Get Pinked! Cocktail Pary Pinktober (1)

Hard Rock Hotel Penang is pink in color at night in support of Pinktober! 🙂

Get Pinked! Cocktail Party is part of Hard Rock Hotel Pinktober activities for the breast cancer awareness month, October. Previously, KayaButter wrote about their Pinktober Set Menu and this time KayaButter are covering their another Pinktober event.

So guys get ready to ‘wash your eyes’ while girls, appreciate the curves and natural beauty of the models as there is lingerie show, corset shows 😛

Here is the program list:

8:00PM          MC Introduction by Ms Laureen (Ms Hard Rock South East Asia 2013)
Silent Auction & Pink Raffle begins

8:15PM          Nine Lives Performance (Set 1)

8:45PM          Corset Fashion Show

      • Doctor Male Models from Mount Miriam
      • Ms Hard Rock Finalists
      • CorsetMe
      • Venessa Diamonds Jewellery
      • Murieum Pink Products
      • Detrend Hairstylists

9:05PM          Nine Lives Performance (Set 2)

9:35PM          Body Art Fashion Show

      • Featuring K&T dancers
      • Cindy Body Art

10:00PM        Nine Lives Performance (Set 3)

10:25PM        Raffles Ticket Results

10:30PM        Lingerie Fashion Show
Featuring Xixili Intimate Wear

10:50PM        Silent Auction Countdown

11:00PM        Good night

Here is the registration counter for all.

I love how Hard Rock calls us…. Hehe Rockstar Bloggers!!!

Hard Rock Hotel PG Get Pinked! Cocktail Pary Pinktober (4)Kaya is excited to go in the Hall of Fame where Hard Rock hosts the Get Pinked! Party!!! Each of us receives a door gift. 🙂 Thank you very much Hard Rock! 🙂 You ROCKS!

Here is where the Nine Lives band will performing!

Nanchos for RM15. Proceeds from the sales will benefits Mount Miriam Hospital. This is actually a setup bar where you buy drinks and some finger foods.

Kinohimitsu, one of the Get Pinked! sponsors, displaying their products. 

Muriem, also another sponsors, showcasing their products! Hair problem anyone?

Ms Laureen, the winner of Hard Rock South East Asia started off as MC and introduce the Get Pinked! Cocktail Party. A very energetic, sweet and positive looking girl. No wonder the winner. 🙂

Here is the makeshift bar with all the handsome and smart looking bartenders! 😛

Here is where the Silent Auction is on-going. Lots of great stuffs selling at below market price!

Bloggers enjoying Nine Lives performance!

The guitarist showing off their skills. I am no expert in music but I am sure that they enjoyed performing and I enjoyed their performance. 🙂 

Hard Rock Hotel PG Get Pinked! Cocktail Pary Pinktober (17)

Miss Hard Rock Penang finalists showing off their curves and the corset while displaying some of the sponsors products! Many cameras are clicking and lots of flashes!

The guys featured in the catwalk are doctors and one of them is a pharmacy assistant from Mount Miriam Hospital. They bring their own clothes and do catwalk for the first time just for the event just to raise awareness and fund for their hospital. No wonder the guys receives thunderous claps and support from the crowd, even better than the girls. 🙂 

After the Corset Fashion Show, sponsors were invited on stage to be recognised for their effort in promoting Pinktober! We have a representative from Venessa Diamonds Jewelry.

We had Detrend Hairstylists on stage for setting and styling all the catwalk models’ hairs. CorsetMe boss and Murieum representative were also asked to go up on stage to be given recognition.

Next up, we have a dance perfomance by K&T dancers. An oldies themed dance. Really liven up the mood of the crowd especially the smoothness of the male dancer!

Next, we have Body Art Fashion Show! They even do on-the-spot body art drawing on the stage. It is definitely not an easy feat especially with so many eyes on you and it is not a flat canvas but a body with curves and shapes. Great job!

Bloggers having their fun time there!

And the much awaited and anticipated, the Lingerie Fashion Show featuring Xixili Intimate Wear. And suddenly everyone is ready with their smartphones and DSLRs.

After the Lingerie Fashion Show, the Silent Auction Countdown starts and the highest bidder get their desired auction stuffs. 🙂 That practically wraps up Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s Get Pinked! Cocktail Party!

I find that this a a very good initiative from Hard Rock Hotel Penang to support a very good cause which is breast cancer. Breast cancer is the no 1 cancer killer for ladies! Yes, I am talking about your mum, grandma, sister, wife, or daughters. Hard Rock Hotel Penang welcomes you to see the show while helping a good cause as Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s tagline is ‘There is always something happening at the Hard Rock’!

This Pinktober campaign happens all over the world in October. It is a month-long philanthropic initiative by Hard Rock to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Hard Rocks all over the world celebrates Pinktober and features lots and lots of pink stuffs including pink merchandise, live music and fundraising events. This is Hard Rock’s 14th year supporting breast cancer research for a cure. 🙂


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