Hou Mei Wo Pork Bone Steamboat 好味猪骨火锅 @ Lorong Selamat, Georgetown, Penang!

As the craze for fish based steamboats slowly subsides, another new trend is on the rise. Hou Mei Wo Steamboat that originates from Ipoh, introduces Pork Bone Steamboat! They started with the 1st branch at Elit Avenue, Bayan Lepas and now they are opening their 2nd branch at town area which is at Lorong Selamat. They are somewhere near to the end of Lorong Selamat, opposite the low cost flats and on your left side.

They have a few parking spaces outside their restaurant and many more at the roadsides but do remember to put your parking coupons. This Lorong Selamat branch is currently only open for dinners unlike their Elite Avenue branch which also opens for lunch time. This definitely help with the parking spaces as Lorong Selamat is famous for no parking spaces during working hours.

The restaurant is fully air-conditioned. They even have a special room for private functions. The private room can accommodate up to 10 people. The restaurant looks very clean and comfy. They use far infrared heater to reduce the heat that is usually dispersed to surrounding environment. Thumbs up for that. One of the turn off point is the heat from so many steamboats around. 🙂 The only drawback is the design of the seatings. The people sitting in the middle are not so free as they can’t really move around easily or go to toilet.

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Another big plus of Hou Mei Wo Steamboat Restaurant is that they do not charge for additional sauce. You can refill as many times as you like and they have 6 kinds of sauces for you to choose from. Some of the popular sauces are lime garlic chilli, garlic chilli and coriander chilli.

There are around 10 tables and can fit around 60-70 people at one time. So, to avoid disappointment, do give a call to reserve your table before you go. 🙂

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One of the perks of dining at new restaurants. Everything looks new!

They have 2 branches in Ipoh and 2 branches in Penang. Their contact numbers of each branch is as above.

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There is a special promotion on every Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings. You get to enjoy their 15 most popular items at 50% discount. This promotion is also valid at their Elit Avenue branch, both lunches and dinners. With that kind of promotion, it is really a steal!

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Special Pork Bone Soup RM12.90

Now the main focus of the day! Special Pork Bone Soup that comes with tofu skin, white radish, taro and etc. The pork bones are cooked for more than 8 hours straight and the result? An irresistible, awesome, sweet and flavourful soup. You will not stop sipping this soup after your 1st taste! 😛 This is the clear winner!

Hou Mei Wo 好味锅 Pork Bone Steamboat @ Lorong Selamat, Georgetown, Penang (13)

Salted Vegetable Soup (RM15,90) & Si Chuan Spicy Soup (RM27.90)

Besides that, they have 3 other kinds of soup bases. They include Salted Vegetable Soup, Si Chuan Spicy Soup & Tom Yam Soup. You can also order two kinds of soup bases in one big pot, just like the picture above. We managed to taste 3 kinds of the soup bases. The Salted Vegetable Soup is good and flavourful. Kaya feels that the soup base will overpower most of the items that you are going to eat. Kaya has some reserves tasting the Si Chuan Spicy Soup as Kaya has tried before with Butter in Wuhan, China. Turns out, the soup has been localised and not that spicy and numbing. The taste has toned down and it is definitely safe to try. It still has the numbing effect and this is the key difference between Si Chuan Spicy Soup and the Tom Yam Soup. Kaya’s personal favourite will be Special Pork Bone Soup.

The redness and the numbing smell will definitely make non-chilli eaters sweat first! 🙂

Our loot that day! Had an awesome time with fellow bloggers digging for ‘treasures’.

Hou Mei Wo 好味锅 Pork Bone Steamboat @ Lorong Selamat, Georgetown, Penang (18)

4 Slices Platter (Rm23,90)

If you have trouble choosing or you wish to have all instead of choosing, order this. It comes with 4 types of meats which include Australian strip-loin slices, pork slices, chicken slices and New Zealand lamb slices. Goes very well with the raw egg! 😛

Hou Mei Pork Paste RM8.90

One of the enjoyable activities when having steamboat is the ability to make your own pork ball or any kind of shapes for your minced meats. You can mix the raw egg with the pork paste for the extra fragrant taste!

From top left to right and bottom: Fried Dumpling (RM8.90), Fried Taufu (RM7.90), Fried Kampar Meat Balls (RM6.90)

Their fried items are good as well. All their fried items must be consumed within a few minutes after they are served. This is to guarantee the taste and the crunchiness of those items. Kaya personally liked the Fried Kampar Meat Balls. Tastes like Chicken Popcorn except it is pork!

Hou Mei Wo Turbot Fish Pork Ball (RM6.90)

Hou Mei Wo Basil Chicken Ball (RM6.90)

Most of their meatballs are made in Ipoh’s central kitchen in order to do some control and to maintain consistency. The Basil Chicken Ball is rather unique.

Exploding Meat Balls (RM8.90)

When Kaya saw this item, Kaya could not stop thinking of Stephen Chow’s God of Cookery. The meat balls do explode in your mouth. Enjoy the sensation of liquid squirting out from the inner side of the meat balls. An experience itself but just be careful when it’s really hot.

Homemade Fresh Paste (RM12.90)

Fish Balls (RM7.90), Crystal Fish Balls (RM7.90) and Crystal Fish Mee (RM7.90)

Lime Garlic Chilli, Garlic Chilli and Coriander Chilli

Overall, Kaya loves their signature Pork Bone soup, strong flavoured dishes, great ambience and the free refill of soups and sauces! Thumbs up! Definitely a great place for steamboat with your family members, loved ones and friends!

Special thanks to Jeffrey from Hou Mei Wo Stemboat in hosting us and the invite from Jack!

contact information

Hou Mei Wo Pork Bone Steamboat 好味猪骨火锅
46, Lorong Selamat, 10400,
George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Contact No: 04-2189859
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/houmei.steamboat.ipoh

business hours


5:00pm – 11:30pm

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