[Invited Review] Pearly Kee’s Home-Cooked Nyonya Cuisines And Food Gathering!!!

Pearly Kee Home-Cooked Nyonya Cuisines Penang (1)

kayabuttertoast.com is very honored to be invited by millymin.com to join Pearly Kee’s monthly food gathering. Pearly Kee is a locally and internationally famous Nyonya cook who cooks delicious and authentic Nyonya food. Heck, she even gives cooking classes for the curious ones, Nyonya cook wannabes or those who want to learn how to cook Nyonya food.

Due to Kaya’s blurness, Butter couldn’t make it to this food gathering. Kaya was under the impression that it was a one-person invite only until Pearly Kee asked me, ‘Where is your wife???!!!’ Kaya is really sorry to Butter. There is a next time, don’t worry ya, Butter.

As Kaya reached Pearly’s residence in the evening, Kaya was greet with a very friendly and warm welcome by Pearly. She was a very gracious host, helpful and accommodating and very willing to share. As a person with such high profile, she is still very humble and there is no air of superiority. She was very friendly with Kaya and always checked with me whether everything was good or not even though that night was the 1st time Kaya met with Pearly Kee. Thanking for hosting me.

Pearly has set up and displayed her Nyonya food very beautifully. As Kaya entered her residence, other food bloggers and media people were already busy photographing and jotting down the details. Not wanting to be left out, Kaya took out his ‘bazooka’ and started to take photographs. Let Kaya guide you through each of the Nyonya dishes offered that night.

Achat Awak or Mixed Vegetables Achar. This is a must try dish. Excites your taste buds with its combination of vegetables such as cabbage, long beans and pineapples. The pineapple will give you a sweet and sour taste for this dish.

Turmeric Rice or locally called as Nasi Kunyit. It is made of glutinous rice and turmeric that gives this rice its yellow colour. A very tasty but beware not to eat too much because your stomach will feel very full. You must try it together with Curry Chicken.

Roti Jala or literally means fish net bread. Haha 🙂 You must try this together with Curry Chicken to get the best of both worlds. The chewy roti jala and the spicy curry chicken is heaven to me. 🙂

Curry Chicken with Potatoes. The curry is thick and the curry is not too spicy. The potatoes are well cooked. 🙂

White & Brown Rice. Not sure I get the name right but a well cooked rice. 🙂

Char Chap Chye or Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Glass Noodles. Another favorite dish among Nyonyas. The vegetables are well fried and the glass noodles complements the dish well.

Steamed egg with minced pork. I still remember that my grandma used to cook this dish when I was small. Pearly put salted egg yolk in there to give its a different taste and bit more salty but not too salty. 🙂

On the left is ‘cili padi’ with light soy sauce and on the right is ‘sambal’. Malaysians love spices. You will always see these with Malaysian food.

‘Nyonya kuihs’ or called as Nyonya local cakes as desserts. Very beautifully decorated.

My ‘loot’ that day. Went for 2 rounds. Haha 🙂Pearly Kee Home-Cooked Nyonya Cuisines Penang (15)

Dragon Fruit Juice with Sprite and basil seeds. Very refreshing drink and best of all, it is free flow. Kaya had like 3-4 cups. Haha 🙂

Pearly Kee sharing her latest cookbook just published this January 2013. The cookbook features 35 Nyonya recipes based on the popularity of the dishes. This is just 35 dishes out of her 200++ recipes. Oh my… So many… 🙂 You can get more details about her cookbook at her Facebook page.After a hearty meal, we were brought back to the olden Nyonya times with Pearly’s story telling. She told us about Nyonya cultures, stories, and even table etiquette.

And she also shared a lot about the spices in Penang and their benefits, dos and don’ts and their healing properties. Very educational.

Lastly, we treated with gandum or wheat pearl porridge with caramelized tapioca. Sweet with a slight hint of saltiness. Loved the caramelized tapioca. Good combination to end the session that night.Group photo with Pearly Kee and Penang famous bloggers. 🙂

Thanks a million for hosting me, Pearly. I had a great time there and my stomach too. 😛 Looking forward for another gathering with you.

P/S: Pearly has her weekly cooking class for Nyonya cuisines at Spice Garden, Batu Ferringhi. She also organize monthly food gathering at RM50/pax. Everyone is welcome. More details, check her website and FB page below.

contact information

Pearly Kee
Website: http://www.my-island-penang.com/Dine-with-Pearly.html
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pearly.homecooks?fref=ts

Business hours

Monthly for her food gathering.
Weekly for her cooking class.
More details, check her website and Facebook page above.

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  1. Ken share a post on this too!! I was invited by Pearly too after she saw my comment in Ken’s blog. I can’t join the June event and postponed to end of July!! Very excited to meet with Pearly.

    I will buy Pearly’s book and get her to sign the author-graph for me when meeting wtih Pearly.

    Wong, BestPenangFood.com

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Wong,

      Nice to have you visiting my blog. Thank you for leaving such a long comment. Yeah, I enjoyed the session with Pearly. You must visit her and meet up with her. 🙂

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