Invited Review: Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House 糖伯府港式糖水屋 @ Cantonment Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang

KayaButterToast is again invited to a food review. Hoo Hoo. 🙂 This time, Butter can’t make it because she’s not feeling well. Kaya went alone. Huhu 🙁 Anyhow, let’s introduce the place of food review.

There’s a new dessert house in Penang Island. The name is called Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House  糖伯府港式糖水屋, a nice twist of name of the famous scholar & painter, Tang Yin 唐寅 or better known as Tong Pak Fu or Tong Bohu, 唐伯虎 in Mandarin. This scholar Tong Pak Fu is made famous among the mass people through the movie Flirting Scholar, 唐伯虎點秋香, a Hong Kong comedy film.

Flirting Scholar DVD Cover

Stephen Chow plays Tong Pak Fu and Gong Li plays Chow Heung as his love interest.

Enough of the introduction, let’s head over to the dessert house.

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (2)

The entrance of Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House, . It’s actually opposite of Pos Office Pulau Tikus.

There are seats available at the outside of the dessert house in case if you don’t like air-cond or you want to have a little bit of al-fresco dining feel, minus the umbrella, of course. 🙂 

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (4)

Inside the dessert house, they have two area for group gathering or family gathering where you have comfy sofa to sit.

After the group gathering are is the cashier counter where you make your payment after eating.

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (6)

There is also another area for large group gathering at the end of the dessert house. Here is where the food bloggers taste our desserts.

They even have an area for live band or solo performance. Anyone wants to give it a try?

This is the menu of Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House 糖伯府港式糖水屋. Very scholar feel.

Red Bean Soup Glutinous Balls RM5.80. The soup is thick and the glutinous balls are QQ. 🙂

Red Bean Soup Soya Bean Curd RM5.80. Practically the same thing as above only that it’s soya bean curd. It’s smooth.

Mango Mini Rice Ball RM7.80. A different base. This time it’s mango and I love mango. It’s refreshing and nice. Loved the rice balls. Makes the whole thing chewy.

Mango with QQ Ball. This is a must try. The QQ Balls burst in your mouth and leave you wanting for more. Too bad that we are sharing this dessert. It’s a very good experience.

Sea Coconut Ice Cream Grass Jelly RM10.80. The ice-cream flavor that we tried is Green Tea. Very refreshing. The coconut juice taste is quite strong. I am not quite a fan of coconut juice. If you are, then you must try this. The sea coconut is nice.

Golden Legend of Four RM19.80. If you are a mango lover, you should try this. Mango paste, mango pudding, mango ice cream and mix fruits. The mango ice cream is nice and special. You don’t always get to eat it. 🙂

Food Bloggers in action. So busy taking photos. Life as food bloggers are not easy. 🙂

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (16)

Harsmar Bird Nest Mix Fruits (Coconut Juice) RM29.80. They use mango ice cream and coconut juice as its base. Too bad I can’t really taste the brid nest. 🙁 Quite refreshing.

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (17)

Grape Coconut Mix Fruits Mini Sago Louye RM14.80. The presentation of this dessert is so beautiful and tempting. The grape tasted nice although I don’t like it mixed with coconut juice. Good news is that with this dessert, you choose your own flavor. Man, I had the most coconut juice in my life during the review.

Honey Dew Black Rice RM5.80. Loved the black rice. And the combination is so nice. Although the honey dew ball is not sweet enough. 🙁

Honey Dew Aloe Vera RM5.80. If you are feeling hot, this is your solution. The dessert is so cooling and refreshing.

Kiwi Soya Bean Curd RM7.80. The kiwi is a bit sour but overall it tastes nice.

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (21)

Mango Coconut Ice Cream RM12.80

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Desserts House (23)

Dark Chocolate Fondue RM29.80. The highlight of the day. Practically the food bloggers have to fight just to get a bite. Who doesn’t like to eat fruits coated with chocolate. Too bad that the fruits are not cold enough. End up the chocolate doesn’t freeze and dripped onto my hands. 🙁 The vanilla ice cream is very nice and creamy. Combined with chocolate and nuts, it’s heaven Can’t have enough. 🙂

You can have some snacks while enjoying your desserts 糖水 🙂

Japanese Seaweed Toufu RM5.80

Salt Pepper Squid RM7.80

Squid Mee-Sua RM7.80

Plum Sweet Potato Fries RM4.80

Red Pepper Sweet Potato Fries RM4.80

Seaweed Sweet Potato Fries RM4.80

They even have meals for you:

Taiwanese Fried Chicken Rice RM9.80

Taiwanese Sausage Rice RM9.80

In their menu, they have list of the ingredients that they use together with some explanation of the benefits of the ingredients. What impressed me is that they use quality stuffs here. Coway Water, New Zealand Natural Ice Creams and U Con Fruit Sugar.

Overall, Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House 糖伯府港式糖水屋 has a variety of desserts to offer and some of them are must-try. The price is quite reasonable for some of the desserts and some I think it’s quite high. Anyhow, it’s a good place to hang out with your family members and friends while having great tasting desserts and a good time.

The place is quite small and they have limited seats. During peak hours such as tea time or weekends, the place tends to get over-crowded. So, got to be prepared. 🙂

Contact Information

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House 糖伯府港式糖水屋

37D Cantonment Road 10250 Pulau Tikus Penang (Opposite Pos Office Pulau Tikus)

Phone No: 604-226 0955

GPS: 5.432203, 100.311918

Business Hours

Open Daily from 11am – 1am.

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    • kayabutter says:

      Haha… How the chocolate dripped on our hands!!! Loved the fruits + chocolate + peanutes + New Zealand Natural ice Cream Vanilla Flavor! Purrfect!!!! 🙂

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    Is everything here halal?

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