(Non-Halal) Midnight Supper at ‘Chap Tong’ aka Lot 10 @ Perak Road, Penang!

Do you sometimes feel hungry in the middle of the night and not sure what to eat? Or got bored with eating Maggi Mee or nasi kandar for your midnight hunger pang? Check out this post for those who are hungry and can’t sleeep at night! Let Kaya & Butter recommend you a good midnight supper in Penang!

Kaya was quite hungry after having an early dinner at Tutti Fruti at Tesco Extra, Penang. He was thinking on what to eat in the middle of the night. Butter was not a fan of nasi kandar. Suddenly, Kaya remembered  a place to have a good economy rice. 🙂

This food stall is very famous among the night owls, clubbers and those who work late at night. See the cars that are parked around the food stall.

All photos are taken by my old Sony DSC N2. I don’t dare to bring my baby Nikon D7000 during midnight. So, pardon Kaya for the poor picture quality. 🙂 

Economy Rice at Chap Tong @ Perak Road, Penang (2)

The exterior of the Chap Tong coffee shop.

Economy Rice at Chap Tong @ Perak Road, Penang (3)

The interior of the Chap Tong coffee shop. Cleanliness is just so-so.

Economy Rice at Chap Tong @ Perak Road, Penang (4)

You even have to queue for your food! Imagine queuing up in the middle of the night!

The traditional style of selling economy rice. They stack each dishes on top of each dishes.

The people who serve you use their hands to pick up the food that you want. So, be prepared. 🙁

After queuing up for 15 minutes++, I have gotten my precious!

Kaya and Butter loved this ‘Oh Bak’ very much!!! Loved the sauce even more. No other stalls that I can eat this kind of sauce. I’m lovin’ it!!!

The second thing that I would like to recommend is the ‘Heh Chee‘. It’s very crispy when it’s hot. It depends on your luck. For today, Lady Luck is not at my side. It’s not so crispy. 🙁

The people who serve you are quite rude and fierce. So, be prepared too. I always don’t get a chance to ask how much does each dish really cost. Anyhow expect roughly RM5-RM8 per meal. If you take seafood, it will be even more expensive, expect RM10-RM20.

Opening hours: 12 midnight until all food are sold (roughly 3am++). Be there early to get your hand on the ‘Oh Bak’. On weekends, the ‘Oh Bak’ will be finished in 45 minutes++.

Location: Opposite Klinik Kesihatan Perak Road.

That’s all for now. 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Blackswan says:

    Love the cool blog name! Great post & it’s making me hungry too 🙂

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