Penang Famous Wen Chang 文昌 Hainan Chicken Rice Restaurant @ Cintra Street, Georgetown, Penang!

One of the staple food that Penangnites eat for their lunch or dinner will be the ubiquitous chicken rice. Hainanese chicken rice is very famous in South East Asian countries especially Malaysia and Singapore. This is a must try dish if you are in Malaysia or Singapore. Today, KayaButter are going to introduce to my readers, a famous chicken rice that KayaButter always patronize. This is a very famous chicken rice stall in Penang with a  lot of our local newspapers such as The Star, Sin Chew and so on, featured this stall before.

This Wen Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant which is named after a type of chicken dish from Wenchang city area in Hainan, China. You read more about Wenchang chicken dish that KayaButter got from Wikipedia. This is to show how original their Hainanese chicken rice is. This restaurant is a family business and run by their own family members mostly. And mind you, the owner is a staunch DAP and Pakatan Rakyat supporter with a lot of articles on clean and free government and election methods. 🙂 Guess that there will be few to none pro-BN customers there? KayaButter do not hope so because good food transcends political beliefs, creed and color of skin. 🙂

This is the interior of Wen Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant. It can be quite pack during lunchtime. So, be prepared to queue at times. The restaurant can fit in around 50++ people at one time if Kaya is not mistaken.

This is what KayaButter ordered. For most chicken rice stalls, your chicken rice will come with chicken slices on top of your rice or on a different plate, a saucer of chili sauce made up of freshly minced red chilli, garlic and vinegar and a bowl of chicken soup (sometimes some chicken stall does not give soup). The chicken soup given is very good and it is nourishing for our body. Remember ‘The Chicken Soup for the Soul’? Hehe 🙂 You can order add-ons such as chicken innards, loh bak, braised eggs, soy sauce beancurds and etc. Just tell the stall operator. And remember to pay at the stall too with a small piece of paper that the boss, who manned the beverage department, will give. 🙂

The loh bak or also known as ngoh hiong is the winner here! Loh Bak is a minced pork marinated with Five-Spices (Ngo Hiong), hence the other name, Ngoh Hiong. The marinated minced pork is then wrapped around beancurd skin and deep fried. KayaButter’s all-time favorite. The skin is very crunchy especially the end of the loh bak. Both KayaButter loves the ends of the loh bak because that’s where the crunchiness of the beancurd skin can be felt the most. This loh bak is rather sweet and might not suit those who do not like sweet stuffs. It is best taken together with the sweet chili sauce given. 🙂 The braised egg is normal and nothing to shout about.

With so many hawker stalls cutting their portion of food, KayaButter are very happy to see that the portion of the chicken is rather big compared to certain chicken rice stalls. KayaButter love to order chicken breast as it is easier to eat without too many bones and more fulfilling.

One of the criteria that makes a chicken rice is good is the quality and goodness of the garlic chili sauce. This garlic chili sauce does not disappoint with its hotness and also the freshness of garlic and vinegar taste. Good!

KayaButter have a habit to order extra light soy sauce which are given FOC. We love our chicken rice to be rather wet with the soy sauce and it adds extra flavor with a tinge of saltiness.

Penang Famous Wen Chang 文昌 Chicken Rice Restaurant @ Cintra Street, Georgetown, Penang (10)
Coffee with Condensed Milk RM1.50 (If Kaya is not mistaken, :-P)

Another thing that Wen Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant is famous of is its condensed milk coffee. We, locals, call it as kopi see peng. Butter loves to drink this by a unique way. She will pull the straw upward as she sucks in the coffee first and then finished by the condensed milk. She said this gives her very different flavor, rich and bitter coffee continued by slight sweet and refreshing condensed milk taste. 🙂 Awesome! Anyone drinks like Butter? 🙂

Overall, this is a chicken rice stall that KayaButter will think of when we are hunting for food. This is one of the best chicken rice in Penang but in our humble opinion, there is another chicken rice stall that is THE BEST one in Penang! 🙂 KayaButter partially wrote about this chicken rice in our blogpost about the famous Jalan Kulim Yam Rice.

contact information

Wen Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant
63, Cintra Street,
10100 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel No: +604-264 3810
HP No: +6016-480 8373 /

business hours

KayaButter are not sure. We think it is closed on Thursdays, if we are not mistaken

They are open for lunchtime mostly, so should be 11:00am++ – 3:00pm++ maybe? Anyone can enlighten us?

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