Penang Food Trail 2013 by Hungry Go Where Malaysia!!! (Invited Review)

Hungry Go Where Malaysia or also called as HGW MY had organized a Penang Food Trail last month for its users and some selected bloggers. Butter was very happy to be invited as a blogger to cover the event. The event started at 830am at Traders Hotel for gathering and ended at 8pm++. HGW is a project of Singapore’s SingTel Digital Media Pte. Ltd..

The two lovely community managers of HGW Malaysia, Hanis & Shing. They were explaining to everyone about how to use social media to share the Penang Food Trail experience.

After the briefing, we were split into 2 vans as there were roughly 20++ people in the group. The 1st eatery we went was Tan Jetty’s Fried Fritters stall. This can be considered as the ‘appetizer’ of the Penang Food Trail. Hidden inside Tan Jetty, this stall is famous for its Prawn Fritters, Loh Bak and Tau Kua (Bean Curd) Fritters.

From the signboard, you will know that the stall has been in business for many many years.

This is a family business, that’s why you will see a lot of similar faces. To enjoy the fried fritters, you are recommended to take them when they are piping hot.

From left to right: Tau Kua (Bean Curd) Fritters (RM0.90 each), Loh Bak (Pork Roll) (RM1.60 each) and Prawn Fritters (RM0.90 each).

After partially filling up our stomachs, we moved to another famous eatery to fill up our stomachs. It is located in the ground floor of a low-cost flat in Pengkalan Weld. Not many people will notice them unless you are the daring type to try new things or through word of mouth. The famous eatery is called I Mum Mum. Now, they are having branches in One Precinct and All Seasons Place.

Each of the pan mee is cooked individually to preserve its taste and giving you the best experience for your noodles. Expect to wait for a while for your fix here.

Pan Mee with Chili Flakes (Thick Noodles).HGW PENANG FOOD TRAIL (7)

Crispy Pork Pan Mee (Thin Noodles)

After we have filled our stomach with the tasty pan mee, the van took us to Gua Musang Jetty to bring us to Pulau Aman. The journey to Gua Musang Jetty took us around 1 hour. The boat ride from Gua Musang Jetty to Pulau Aman is around 15 minutes++ and costs RM6 per trip per pax.


All the people surrounding the place were queuing up to buy the fishermen’s catch of the day which were usually prawn or mantis prawn. And they were cheaper and fresher compared to the wet markets.

Restaurant Terapung was built on top of the sea. The business was good as all the tables were occupied when we reached there. Honestly, the price was reasonable and the food was not bad. 

Mee Udang Goreng RM6 (Normal) Rm10 (Special)


Mee Udang Kuah RM6 (Normal) Rm10 (Special)


Nasi Goreng Udang RM6 (Normal) Rm10 (Special)

We were given time to explore Pulau Aman. Here, I spend my time cam-whoring.

Farlim Shell Station Laksa was our next stop. It used to be a small store in front of Farlim Shell petrol station. After the business was getting good, it moved to a shop nearby. I ordered . The Laksa was really famous as the soup really taste good.

 Steamed Bun with BBQ Meat




Fried Popiah (Spring Rolls) with Laksa Soup


See Koh Th’ng (a mix and match dessert)

Our last stop would be Restaurant Zi Zai at Paya Terubong.  We take our dinner there. The Poon Choi aka Basin Feast at Zi Zai was considered to have a very reasonable price for the ingredients it consisted. It was beautifully decorated, layer by layer. Other than that, there were 5 more dishes such as Assam Prawns, Stir Fry Sambal La La, Deep Fried Belacan Chicken, Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish and Stir Fry Yao Mak (Baby Romaine Lettuce). 


Poon Choi aka Basin Feast

Assam Prawns

 Stir Fry Sambal La La

Stir Fry Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish

After the dinner, we had lucky draw session for the HGW Malaysia users.

Overall, the HGW Food Trail was a success. Everyone was going home happily with a satisfying stomach. Thanks HungryGoWhere for sponsoring the meaningful food trip. This food trail was organized by Hungry Go Where – Discover, Eat & Share today!

About HungryGoWhere Malaysia

You can download the HungryGoWhere Malaysia mobile app through IOS (version 5+) or Android (version 4.0+) or pay a visit to their website at Being a nation with rich and diverse food culture, HGW Malaysia users would get to gain new experiences in searching, discovering and locating the best dishes and eateries within a 10-30km radius. It would even be greater if you were to register yourself as one of the many users, a smart move to leave your tracksbehind to recommend more new eateries to other users. After all, HGW Malaysia is a platform by users, for users, to archive pure and unbiased recommendations.

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