A Meet-Up with TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine’s Owner @ TAO Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang!

Tao is synonymous with the a la carte buffet and their Japanese food! Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Restaurant is where KayaButter first experienced a la carte buffet and it left a very deep impression on us. We first tasted the goodness of Tao at its Juru Auto City branch. We immediately introduce the restaurant to our family members and friends. They enjoyed the food & the concept a lot. Japanese cuisine is considered as a luxury or expensive. We not only get to eat unlimited amount of the Japanese food but we get it prepared hot and individually and they even served the food on your table. That’s what got us attracted to Tao. Tao took the F&B scene by storm and started to expand. KayaButter went back to Tao a few times and we felt that the quality has dropped. This month, we got the chance to have a chat with the owner to understand more about the whole situation at Penang Times Square branch.

We told him about our concern and dining experiences at Tao all those years. In addition, we acknowledged him about our satisfaction about the improvements of the taste of the food we were having. We were then told that they changed the menu every few months. Of course the hot items are remained, such as our favourite Crab Meat Cream Cheese, Motoyaki Scallop and etc. New items will be adding in to impress the customers. That was to enable the customers to try new and different Japanese cuisine during their every visit. The spirit of keep on modifying was venerable.

We were also told that many people were wasting the food during their dining in Tao. It was a waste of food to throw the leftover from the customers table. This was not what the owner wanted to see. He mentioned that he hoped that every customers can taste every food in their restaurant as much as they could, but took it slowly. The customers were preferred to order small amount in every order, such as a few plates, in order to tried out the real taste of the food when they were warm. Then, the chefs’ efforts would not be wasted. For your information, the menu was pre-arranged accordingly by categories and sequence. We just need to order step by step, choosing the items from the front to the last categories. We were told that that was how the Japanese were eating.

The Penang Times Square branch looked awesome and very stylish. The ambience is definitely there and patrons will definitely feel up-scale about it. KayaButter might be a bit old school but we prefer to have more of the Buddha statues to have the ‘Zen’ feel. 🙂

Motoyaki Scallop

Crab Meat Cream Cheese


Ebi Kani Mayo

This not just looked nice but tasted as good as it looked.



A Meet-Up with TAO Authentic Asian Cuisines Owner @ TAO Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (13)

Sake Hamaguri

The Teriyaki chicken was actually very delicious. It was a little sweet and tender. We could not stop after taking the piece.

 The sushi in the center was one of the newly introduced item in they menu. It was wrapped with cake skin around it. The second sushi on the left was our favourite. It was designed similar to vietnamese popiah. Quite an tasty and creative sush

contact information

TAO Asian Authentic Cuisine
1st Floor, Penang Times Square,
Jalan Dato Keramat,
10150 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact No: +604-228 5526 (Tel), +604-227 3826 (Fax)
Website: www.tao-cuisine.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TaoAuthenticAsianCuisine


business hours

Lunch Time

Monday – Friday

12:00pm – 4:00pm

Saturday – Sunday, Eve of & Public Holiday

12:00pm – 4:00pm

Dinner Time

Monday – Thursday

5:30pm – 10:30pm

Friday – Sunday, Eve of & Public Holiday

5:30pm – 11:00pm

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