Ak Thui Mee Suah @ Jalan Sungai Pinang, Georgetown, Penang!

After hearing our pastor mentioning about the famous ak thui mee suah (literally means duck drumstick vermicelli) and the famous cham peng (a drink you can order in many coffee shops around Penang that means iced coffee mixed with milk tea), we arranged our time to go and eat it again. Yes, KayaButter have been here a few times but always didn’t find the chance to blog about it. KayaButter have forgotten about the prices of the dishes and drink that we ordered but we will give an estimate. If you know the exact price and the business hours, do comment ya! Thank you in advanced! 🙂

The makeshift coffee shop and hawker stalls around it.

One thing KayaButter dislike about this place is the hygiene level of the dining area. Try to select table that is farther away from the drain. It can be smelly at times depending on what kind of rubbishes that the drain carries at times. That’s something many patrons are willing to pay to enjoy a good bowl of ak thui mee suah. The legend has it that some great food are not always the most hygiene one or has a hygiene area for you to enjoy. If you are uncomfortable, then skip this from your itinerary ya. 🙂

Ak Thui Mee Suah @ Jalan Sungai Pinang, Georgetown, Penang (2)

The lady boss manning the stall. Too bad that the time KayaButter went was rather late. We missed the chance to take photo of the boss wearing a big see-through glass to protect him from the steam of the boiling hot water.

You know that the business is good when there are so many drumstick. One tell tale that a hawker stall is good is by seeing how much noodles that a stall shows. If a lot, means the business is good and high chance is that the food is good too. So, do keep this in mind, our readers! 🙂 That’s a tip from Butter’s mum.

Many of the drumsticks are kept here inside the triangular cone and steamed to protect their freshness.

Ak Thui Mee Suah @ Jalan Sungai Pinang, Georgetown, Penang (5)

The Price List for the Ak Thui Mee Suah Stall

The price list of different types of meats and noodles of that you can order to suit your taste. Even though the stall is famous for ak thui mee suah, you can order chicken drumstick, duck wings, pork ribs and intestines and so on if duck drumstick is not your cup of tea.

Loh Bak Stall (Selling fried fritters)

Curry Mee Stall

Wan Tan Mee Stall

Nasi Lemak Stall

Besides ak thui mee suah, you can try other stalls if you are not in the mood of eating ak thui mee suah. KayaButter strongly suggest that you try the nasi lemak. Very good stuff. Remember to put a lot of gravy.

Ak Thui Mee Suah @ Jalan Sungai Pinang, Georgetown, Penang (10)

Cham Peng (Iced Coffee mixed with Milk Tea) RM1.40 (If Kaya is not mistaken, :-P)

Kaya finds that the famous cham peng is just so so only according to my preference. Kaya prefers a stronger flavor of the sweet milk tea in the cham peng rather than the bitterness of coffee. Hence, Kaya always order cham peng with more milk tea. The cham peng is also lacking of flavor to my liking.

Chicken Drumstick Vermicelli Soup RM5.50

The aroma of the soup is rather inviting. The soup/broth is thick in the taste of herbs. You can literally bottoms up for this bowl of ak thui mee suah. The herbal soup is very good for the body. One of the reason that this can be rather expensive is because of the herbs that the boss use to cook up this broth. The vermicelli is cooked to the balance between not too soft or not too hard. Just nice! 🙂 Too bad that day, the duck drumstick is finished already, so I ordered the chicken. Good taste too. 🙂

Nasi Lemak RM5.00++ (If KayaButter are not mistaken, :-P)

This is one hidden gem. We never expect the nasi lemak to be so good! The gravy from the anchovies and also the chicken is damn good! We just have to get more gravy after eating half of the rice! The chicken is well cooked and tastes great!\

Overall, KayaButter will come back again and maybe for the nasi lemak more than the ar thui mee suah! Hehe 🙂 And definitely not for the cham peng! Kaya guesses that we will go for the same combo. Large ar thui mee suah for Kaya and the same nasi lemak for Butter. Good thing when you have a dining partner or my case, my lovely wife to share the good food! 🙂

contact information

Ak Thui Mee Suah
In Front of Honda Showroom,
Jalan Sungai Pinang,
10150 Georgetown, Penang.

business hours

Mondays – Saturdays
Closed on Sundays

7;30am++ – 1:00pm++


4 Responses

  1. Hong says:

    i am not a fan of ak thui mi sua though but very rigorous description you got there.. you should try the legendary curry mee there…not sure if their prawns are still as huge as last time or not though..they are an old acquaintance of my parents. hehhehe

    • kayabutter says:

      Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, Dr Hong! 🙂

      Haha. Thanks for the compliment. Oh, Kaya will try the curry mee next time! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

      Signed by Kaya!

  2. Nice review of the Ak Thui Mi Sua. You should try the bee hoon also in your next visit, it is a special kind of bee hoon that you don’t come across easily elsewhere and it blends well with the herbal soup.

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Tai,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. Oh, sure! We will try it out next time! 🙂 But I think Butter will order the nasi lemak instead! 😛

      Sign by Kaya

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