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By now, KayaButter believe that many people have already known Tree Bar by G Hotel, the current most ‘in’ hangout place for people to unwind after a hard day’s work. KayaButter have always adored and loved the G brand. The G Hotel is super chic and contemporary. How we wish we can get to do a #staycation at G Hotel. 🙂 We love their buffet also (Check it out here and here also) The G brand does not disappoint with their Tree Bar also and offers the best drinks and bites in Penang.

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Nestled under an over 80 years old rain tree, Tree Bar definitely stands out among the bars that litters around the Gurney Plaza al fresco area. Instead of cutting down the tree to make way for a bar, G Hotel decided to save the design and incorporate the tree in their design concept. That is also how Tree Bar got its name which is from the tree. 🙂

To match the tree, they created a stylish and modern wooden bar with raised deck to give you a sense of being on top and also a panoramic view of the surroundings. You can choose to chill and relax at their al fresco area with comfy sofas and dining tables and chairs. KayaButter love the LED light that they put on when it gets dark. Damn cool! You can also choose to sit in their shaded area at the raised deck in case of rain or you don’t quite like the sunshine.

KayaButter is not a big fan of alcohol, so we will be sharing our thoughts from a novice drinker, as what the hardcore drinkers call us. Haha 🙂 Tree Bar by G Hotel are introducing new drinks and bites for their patrons for their enjoyment and pleasure. Let’s check it out.

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Löwenbrau RM25

Kaya ordered this. Well, it tasted like beer? Haha! Kaya didn’t sip a lot as he was quite hungry when the beer is served. Besides that, Kaya was attracted to another beer which is Somersby Apple Cider.

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Somersby Cider RM21

Butter ordered this and immediately fell in love with it. Sweet and smooth without the tangy feel. Just awesome. Kaya also loved this and we finished it quite fast. Hehe. Oh ya, it turned out that other bloggers also ordered this. Maybe because of the sweetness?

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Complimentary Nuts (Wasabi & Curry flavours)

This is complimentary whenever you order something from Tree Bar. A very good finger snack to accompany your drinking session or chill out session. We can’t stop eating this. We also loved the plate. It looks so ‘Zen’ and cool. 🙂

Battered Fried Fish RM19

The fried is crispy outside and soft inside, just the way KayaButter love it. Remember to dip into its wasabi aioli. Aioli is a type of sauce that comes from Provence, a southeastern province of France. It is usually made of egg yolks, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and seasonings and in this case, wasabi. KayaButter love wasabi aioli a lot. Sweet and a tinge of spiciness. Just nice! 🙂

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Smoked Salmon Voluvents RM28

Voluvents or vo-lau-vents derived from French word which means windblown. It is named that way because of the lightness of the pastry which is hollow in the middle of the puff pastry. Each bite of the smoked salmon voluvents will make you cringe for a while due to the saltiness and after that, you will start to enjoy the dish. Weird thing is that even though it makes you cringe, you will often go back for more. Haha 😉

Deep-Fried Calamari RM19

This is one of KayaButter’s favourite dish of that evening. Most ladies will also like this dish. Crispy and nice chewing feel. 🙂

Kueh Pie Tee RM16

A traditional Nyonya dish that has been using in many fusion food. This Kueh Pie Tee is filled with Thai beef salad and tossed with spicy lime dressing. KayaButter always love the crunchiness and the filling of the Pie Tie, although the beef is a bit too dry to our liking.

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Chicken Pancakes RM14

A rather decent dish and goes well with the sauces given especially the Thai sweet sauce! 😉

Triple Mini RM33

All the awesomeness of G Hotel burgers packed into mini size. The reason it is called triple mini is because the mini burgers come with chicken, lamb and beef meats. We especially loved the tender and juicy meat of the chicken. The lamb and beef fare well also as they do not have strong lamb and beef smell. A nice dish! Oh ya, the fries are damn good! Soft yet crunchy and the amount of salt is just nice for the perfect bite! Yums!

Guacamole & Tortilla Chips RM14

Kaya’s most favourite dish! Who can resist such a crunchy and full of cheese flavoured chips! Coupled it together with guacamole for the extra kick!

Grilled Otak-Otak RM14

This is the least favourite dish. The outcome of this new version of otak-otak which is grilled instead of steamed is not so well appreciated by us. Kaya who is always not a big fan of peeling stuffs to eat is rather turned off when he needs to peel off the nipah leave to get the minced fish mousse with spicy local species and coconut milk. It is a rather thin slice of minced fish. It is a rather special dish and takes an acquired taste to enjoy it. Order this if you looking for something unique and adventurous. 🙂

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Gyoza RM14

A very smooth, soft and easy to bite dish. It is stuffed with chicken and comes with ginger vinegar sauce.

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Spicy Squids RM19

This is Kaya’s favourite dish of the evening. Kaya is always a big fan of salted egg. The squids are stir fried with salted egg and served with bird’s eye chilli and curry leaf. This is quite spicy but the sensation is so nice! ;-P Go for this one if you need something strong to excite your senses. 🙂

Mezze RM19

It comes with pita bread, hummus and baba ghanoush. It is a rather healthy-looking dish minus a lot of oils and frying. If you are a big fan of Greek or Middle Eastern food, then go for this! 🙂

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Surf N’ Turf Quesadilla RM32

This quesadilla packs a lot of good stuffs – lobster, grilled beef steak, beef bacon lardons, mozzarella cheese and tomato – that comes with garlic chive aioli.

Caprese RM24

Sensation RM23

Both dishes above use authentic Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese that is fully imported all the way from Campania, Italy that is famous for its pizzas, spaghetti and of course buffalo mozzarella cheese. This is an ‘atas’ (a Malay term for high class) stuff and those who are big fans of this type of cheese, you will be pleased. It definitely takes a trained taste buds to fully enjoy these dishes. For KayaButter, the Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese is spongier and has better taste in the mouth or what the Chinese will say, ‘口感‘.

Buy 1 Free 2 Promotion @ Tree Bar, G Hotel @ Gurney Plaza, Penang (23)

If you need something fresh and prepared on the spot to tantalise your taste buds while enjoying a good sip of your favourite beer, then you are at the right place. From 6:30pm until 8:30pm daily, there will be a chef to grill your selected skewers at the price of RM20++ per skewers. 🙂 If you are a Absolut Vodka lover, order one Absolut Vodka Cocktail Tower (RM99++) and you will get one set of 5 tasty skewers with sauces for FREE! A good deal indeed! There are five types of exotic sauces for you to choose from, namely, Percik Sauce, Tandoori Sauce, Yakitori Sauce, BBQ Sauce & Oriental Sauce.

Buy 1 Free 2 Promotion @ Tree Bar, G Hotel @ Gurney Plaza, Penang (26)

Sex On The Beach (Absolut Vodka Cocktail Tower) RM99++

Butter loves this drink while Kaya loves the orangey taste of the drink. Kaya doesn’t seems to be able to truly enjoy alcoholic drinks. It just tastes weird and his taste buds are rejecting it. Too bad… Look at the orange inside the tower. So eye-catching. 🙂 Absolut Vodka Cocktail Tower comes with different type of flavors such as Sex On The Beach (Why they use such name escapes my intellectual brain :-P), Blush, Pandan-Roska & Ginger-licious & Light.

Tree Bar’s Current Promotion for their Beers:

Carlsberg, Asahi & Connor’s Stout @ RM35

11:00am – 9:30pm: Buy 1 Free 2

9:30pm – 12:30am: Buy 1 Free 1

Stella Artois, Löwenbrau, Hoegaarden @ RM43

11:00am – 9:30pm: Buy 1 Free 1

Many thanks to Christina, Ann and Ray from G Hotel for the invite and the awesome hospitality and the great time we spent together. KayaButter really enjoyed our time there! An awesome place to hangout and chill. contact information. Looking forward for the next gathering. 🙂

contact information

Tree Bar, G Hotel
Ground Floor, Alfresco Area
168A, Gurney Drive,
10250 Penang.
Contact No: +604-238 0000 (Tel), +604-238 0088 (Fax)
Email: [email protected]

business hours


11:00am – 1:00am

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