Clash of Clan Spoof Burger aka COC Burger @ Jalan Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Yes. There is a Clash of Clan themed burger stall in Penang! Kaya has been reading about this Clash of Clan Burger stall or some will call it as COC Burger in Penang and finally KayaButter get to taste it! KayaButter planned to have COC Burger as dinner after our visit to Starbucks Coffee Batu Ferringhi but too bad they are not open on Sundays. 🙁 What about a bummer. KayaButter had already bought our Nikon D7000 to take photo knowing that the lighting there will be low as it is in the evening already. Kaya Butter went back again last Wednesday and finally after waiting for them to buka puasa, the stall is open at 8pm! 🙂 This time, all the photos are taken using Butter’s iPhone 6 Plus. Sorry for the not so good photo quality.

If you check their Facebook page, you will find that not many photos are showing the surrounding of the COC burger stall and you might have a hard time to locate this burger stall. Everyone is busy snapping this Clash of Clan themed burger stall or the burgers. So, for your convenience, KayaButter have taken the photo of the surrounding so that you will be able to identify them, get your direction to the COC burger stall and, finally, you can CLASH your burgers! 😛

If you are coming from Jalan Tanjung Bungah, at the Maybank traffic light, turn left into Jalan Lembah Permai. Drive along the road and you will notice many Malay stalls along the road on your left. The COC burger stall is located at the middle of the stretch of the stalls, closer to the end. Look for Rezeki Tomyam signboard or Mama & Son’s Cafe or the JKR signboard and find a place to park. The COC burger stall is just between the two Rezeki Tomyam and Mama & Son’s Cafe signboards. 🙂

If you are coming from Jalan Lembah Permai, drive along the road heading to the Maybank Tanjung Bungah. As you turn into the straight road leading to Maybank Tanjung Bungah, take notice of Mama & Son’s Cafe signboard in red on your right or a bus stand on your left. Once you see that, find a place to park on your left and walk to the Rezeki Tomyam signboard. You should be able to find COC burger stall on your right. It has yellow zinc roof as their background.

Run by 3 brothers and 1 sisters, the COC Spoof burger stall just operated starting in June 2015. They are full of entrepreneurial spirit and creative to use COC as their theme. KayaButter hope that Supercell will be happy that there is a stall in Penang using COC theme and don’t take any legal rights action. 😛 The way the team pair and name the burgers are very matching and KayaButter love it very much! Read below for the description.

Here you go, Clash of Clan Spoof Burger

The description for each burger is non-existence but luckily the stall operator will explain to you each of the difference before you order. He is very friendly in explaining each of the burgers which is very good! Let KayaButter help to do the explanation here so that they can concentrate to making and selling the burgers!

All the burgers have two choices for their patties. Either chicken or beff. All the burgers will come with cheese and there is no option for egg. 🙁 They told us that if they add eggs, it will disturb the taste that they intend to bring out with their burgers. Well, OK… let’s see if the COC burgers will deliver. 🙂 Each of the burgers will come with Life’s chilli sauce. You can another slice of your preferred patty by adding RM3.00 and if you like your burger extra cheesy, add another slice of cheese at RM1.00 each. The only difference between each of the burgers is their sauce and also their buns. 🙂 Well, read on.

Hot Spicy Dragon Burger – RM6.00

This burger comes with chilli powders and chilli flakes for the extra oomph and kick for the spicy lovers! Hence, the name Dragon as you will be able to spew dragon fire after eating this burger! 😛

BBQ Balloon Burger – RM6.80

This burger comes with BBQ sauce and if I am not mistaken charcoal buns. This is really matching as level 6 Balloons in COC is black in colour!

Lady Archer Burger – RM6.00

This burger comes with the normal Life’s chilli sauce but the bun is different. It is pink in colour because it has a strawberry flavour. Hence, it really pairs with the name given. Awesome stuff.

Black Pepper Pekka Burger – RM5.80

I think the Pekka name is given because it rhymes with pepper. The sauce used is black pepper sauce.

Barbarian Cheese Burger – RM6.00

This burger comes with the extra cheesy sauce, just like the ones used in KFC as what the stall operator told me. This is their BESTSELLER for now. Kaya ordered this! It is very matching with the name as the cheese is yellow in colour!

Green Goblin Burger – RM6.00

Well, the name explains everything and the sauce they use is the normal chilli sauce and the bun they use is green in colour as they use pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) to get the green colour and they smell fragrant.

Giant Charcoal Burger – RM6.50

The name is given because Giant level 6 and above is wearing black feather cape and matches with the black charcoal bun! 🙂 Kaya hopes that they will change the photo of the Giant inside their menu to better match the name. 🙂 They use normal chilli sauce.

Tomato Wallbreaker Burger – RM5.80

They use tomato sauce instead of chilli sauce.

And if you are feeling adventurous, you can order the Level 5 Barbarian King for 5 patties with 5 pieces of cheeses for RM17.50 or Level 10 Barbarian King which KayaButter believe comes with 10 patties and 10 pieces of cheese for RM29.90. That’s a whole lot of patties. 😉

This is one of the stall owners. 🙂 Very friendly guy!

These are the pandan buns which are green in colours. 🙂 You can ask them to change the buns that you like.

One thing that KayaButter notice is that the patties are homemade and unlike ready-made Ramli patties. The patties are taken from a packet and shaped as they pan-fried it. Hence, the inconsistency of the shape of the patties. KayaButter believe this kind of patties are fresher than the frozen ones.

After the patties are fried half-way, they will add the cheese. It is so beautiful and saliva-inducing. 🙂

Kaya only orders Barbarian Cheese. These burgers are for other customers as well.

Look at how cheesy this burger is!

This is how Barbarian Cheese Burger looks like!

Hot Spicy Dragon Burger RM6.00

Luckily, at that time, there is a customer who ordered Hot Spicy Dragon. This is how it looks like! Definitely challenging. If my readers order this, please do let us know how it tastes like. 🙂

Barbarian Cheese Burger RM6.00

The presentation of this burger is very beautiful. The wrapping paper is quite solid. The burger comes with a small basket. That’s nice to have compared to the what we have last time. Our verdict? Well, the concept and the creativity is there. It is very nice to see that Penangnites are so entrepreneurial and creative. The Barbarian Cheese Burger is decent and the amount of cheese there is generous yet we don’t have that kind of impact when we take KFC Cheezy Wedges as what one of the brothers who told us that the cheese is something like the one KFC uses in their Cheezy Wedges. Not to say that there is not enough cheesy but it just not that strong in taste or our expectation is rather high. One thing to clarify is that we went to the Hillside Tanjung Bungah to buy the roadside burger from the Uncle Burger. Kaya had a few bites whereas Butter downed the whole burger by herself as she couldn’t wait until 8pm for the COC burger stall to start. So, our taste buds might be still registering the strong flavours of the Hillside burger’s fried onions. 😛 Anyhow, this COC burger is definitely something new and it has already amassed a big number of followings and rave reviews from its customers. Please go and try and let us know your feedback as each of our taste buds are different. KayaButter will definitely go back to try their other burgers and maybe Hot Spicy Dragon… 😛

You can dine in and order drinks. They currently have Coke, Apple & Orange soft drinks.

Well, COCians, go there and Clash War! 🙂

contact information

Clash of Clan Spoof Burger
678-A, Jalan Lembah Permai,
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
Contact No: +6012-566 6859
Facebook Page:

business hours

Monday – Saturday
Closed on Sunday

7:00pm – 1:00am

(They will be open after Hari Raya, on Wednesday (22/July/2015)

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  1. sherina says:

    the shop sells chicken or beef patty

    • kayabutter says:

      Dear Sherina,

      Sorry for late reply. The stall sells both chicken and beef patty. You can request as you like. Hope this helps. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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