Coffee Stall No. 76 Kaya Butter Toast & Nasi Lemak & Kopi Peng @ Batu Lanchang Market Food Court, Penang

Today, KayaButter is going to introduce to our readers a local joint for breakfast at Batu Lanchang. KayaButter found out that many of the patrons are working people who come here to have breakfast before going to work. The stall is famous for its kopi, kopi shake, kaya butter toast and nasi lemak. These are the essentials of a typical Malaysian breakfast. This stall is very busy in the morning with patrons coming in non-stop. Seats are quite limited, hence sometimes you will need to share table with other patrons.

How to get there? Park your car at the Batu Lanchang Market nearest to the KFC. With KFC on your left, walk straight into the food court of Batu Lanchang and then turn left. You should see a stretch of motorbikes. Follow them until the end and you will see this signboard. Coffee Stall No. 76.

Kaya Butter Toast Set with Two Half Boiled Eggs

Tada… This the 1st time that KayaButter ever posted about Kaya Butter Toast! Haha! The irony. The key to this stall’s success for its kaya butter toast is that they put quite a lot kaya and butter into their toast. Hence, the taste is very flavourful and strong. When you mix it with the half-boiled egg, the taste is heavenly. There are occasions that the kaya and butter is not that much in the toast. Either they are busy, overloaded with customers or just inconsistent. So, do remind them to put more kaya and butter to get that special taste.

Cham Peng Shake

On one particular day, the taukeso (lady boss in Hokkien language) introduced to us the shake version of her drinks. This is Kaya’s first time and the result? Awesome drink and great taste. Definitely will order this more. Kaya loves their presentation. Very inviting and alluring.

Kopi Shake

Butter super loves this coffee shake. Very rich in aroma and the bitter sweet of the coffee. Heavenly. Do order this kopi shake when ever you are there if you prefer something hot than cold. Not many stalls or coffee shops can brew such nice coffee. Recommended.

Ok, the next photo is rather disappointing and not beautiful at all according to KayaButter’s standard but we post it out because we don’t any better photo of its famous nasi lemak. Very sorry ya, my lovely readers that this photo killed your mood but trust me, it is very nice.

Nasi Lemak Bungkus

This nasi lemak’s gravy is superb but it is rather spicy at times due to the inconsistency in quality. The one we had is not that spicy that day. They have fish, prawn and if KayaButter are not mistaken, chicken also for the topping of the nasi lemak. The portion is quite acceptable unlike some other nasi lemak bungkus that starts to become smaller.

Will KayaButter go there again? Yes! 🙂 What about you?

contact information

Coffee Stall No. 67
Batu Lanchang Market,
Jalan Batu Lanchang,

business hours


6:00am – 3:00pm (sometimes 4:00pm) If you go late in the afternoon, they might not have nasi lemak anymore. Take note.

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