Jen Hotel Mooncake And Lantern Making Workshop 2015

I am overjoyed to be invited by Jen Hotel to their Mooncake Tasting Event and Lantern Making Workshop. I am even more happy that they allow me to bring along my mom. The Jen Hotel is introducing 4 new varieties, which are Double Yolk White Lotus, Black Sesame Paste with  Custard Paste, Chocolate Paste with Macadamia and Walnut and Latte Paste with Orange Paste. All the mooncakes are priced at RM30 nett each.

Mooncake Delights

Green Tea Mooncake 绿茶月饼

Lotus seeds, Green tea powder, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, Wheat flour, Melon kernel seeds


Full Moon Grandeur 夜明珠

Lotus seeds, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, H.K peanut oil, Wheat flour, Black sesame, Coconut milk, Custard powder, Butter, Acidity regulator, Melon kernel seeds

莲子,糖浆,植物油,花生油, 面粉,黑芝麻,椰汁,卡士达粉, 牛油,碱水,瓜子

Wholesome Chocolate Macadamia Walnut 情合巧意

Lotus seeds, Pure cocoa powder, Milk powder, Wheat flour, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, Macadamia nuts, Walnut, Acidity regulator


花好月圆 Farmer’s Grown

Lotus seeds, Sesame, Melon kernel seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Rolled oats, Wheat flour, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, H.K peanut oil, Walnut, Acidity regulator

莲子,核桃,植物油,花生油, 面粉,芝麻,碱水,瓜子,糖浆,南瓜子,葵花籽,燕麦片

Lunar Delight

(White coffee paste with pure durian paste)

Lotus seeds, White coffee bean powder, Durian puree, Milk powder, Wheat flour, Cocoa powder, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, Melon kernel seeds

咖啡粉,猫山王榴莲, 莲子,糖浆,植物油,巧克力,牛奶,瓜子, 面粉

Golden Ochre Swirl

(Orange paste with latte paste)

Lotus seeds, Oranges, White coffee bean powder, Milk powder, Wheat flour, Pure cocoa powder, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, Melon kernel seeds

咖啡粉,橙,莲子,糖浆,植物油,巧克力,牛奶,瓜子, 面粉

Double Yolk White Lotus Mooncake 双黄白莲蓉月饼

Lotus seeds, Sugar syrup, Palm oil, H.K peanut oil, Wheat flour, Salted egg yolk, Acidity regulator, Melon kernel seeds


These are the complete flavour of mooncake of Jen Hotel Penang.

When purchasing 4 pieces of mooncakes, we get a free pretty and classy box. The Gold and Blossom boxes are in the group of Floral Design. They have intricate silk embroidery with metallic foil. The “S” Design includes Mandarin and Ruby. They are of velvet material with metallic hot stamping foil.

The hotel managers and marketing personnels are happily and proudly posting with their mooncakes.

Okay, it’s mooncake tasting session! We are glad that we are served with hot tea while enjoying the mooncakes.

They all look so delicious!

We can’t really finish all at one time.

Overall, the mooncakes of Jen Hotel are less sweet, which is good for health and suit the taste bud of people nowadays, except for the White Lotus Mooncakes and the Golden Ochre Swirl. However, the Golden Ochre Swirl is quite special with strong orange flavour. Anyway, the White Lotus goes well with the egg yolk. The Green Tea Mooncake and the Wholesome Chocolate Macadamia Walnut are not bad. The Full Moon Grandeur is one of my favourite as I love pastry. It has a strong butter fragrance that is totally different from traditional taste of mooncake. Last but not least, the most unforgettable flavour is the Lunar Delight. The durian flavour is so nice with its strong taste. One piece is not enough. You will want to get more.

Lantern Making Workshop

It is an excited event. The frame of the lantern is basically well prepared for us. All we need to do is to decorate and paint the butterflies. The function room of the hotel is suddenly becomes the garden with lots of pretty butterflies.

My mom who loves arts is quite enjoying herself by putting all the creative idea on her masterpiece.

Here we are, proudly presenting our butterflies lanterns. It is really an unforgettable experience for all of us in the room. We are given  a small box of door gift of mooncake each before we go back. What a happy day!

Thanks Ellie for the invitations. We enjoy ourself very much!


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10300 Georgetown, Penang.

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