Kochabi Double Content @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang!

KayaButter always thought that the Taiwanese’s Kochabi that we always frequent at Burmah Road is also available in Penang Times Square. It was until a new management took over the restaurant and retain almost all the same features and menu. It is now called as Kochabi Double Content. It creates new alternative for those who are in love of Taiwanese cuisines other than the Taiwanese Kochabi Delight. We love what the new management have created for their Taiwanese menu with its own twists and characters. 🙂

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This is the signboard that you will see if you drive into its open space carpark as you turn right from Jalan Dato Kramat. They have alfresco dining experience for those of you who enjoy natural air and sunshine.

The interior of Kochabi Double Content does exudes the old taste of Taiwan and the ambience is nice with romantic lighting. 🙂

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This is the another entrance of Kochabi Double Content and you will see this signboard if you walk towards to Full House Restaurant inside Penang Times Square.

They also have a dining space outside their restaurant which KayaButter will label them as air-conditioned alfresco dining. Hehe. 😛 That’s where we, the bloggers will be reviewing the menu.

We started off with ordering our drinks. On the photo, from left to the right are the names of the drinks that bloggers ordered:

Honey Green Tea 蜂蜜绿茶 RM4.90
Passion Fruit Red Tea 百香红茶 RM4.90
Carrot Juice 萝卜汁 RM6.90
Plum Red Tea 梅子红茶 RM4.90
Original Milk Tea (Hot) 经典奶茶, RM4.90
Soya Milk Red Bean 豆奶红豆 RM4.90
Original Milk Tea (Cold) 经典奶茶, RM4.90

Guess what drinks KayaButter ordered? Definitely Milk Tea as we really missed the milk teas that we drank during our 3 trips to Taiwan! 🙂 And their milk teas do not disappoint. Very flavourful and nice!

After that, we started to order our own preferred set dish. The boss is very generous and he practically ordered almost all the dishes in the menu to let us try. Our taste buds are bombarded with so many delicious dishes that our brains cannot register them well. We also manage to take bits of the dishes to test as we are sharing the food together with other bloggers. Some of the dishes we didn’t get to try also. So, we will just give brief information about the dishes based on how much the dish has left an impression on us. The more that we write about the dish means that you should really try that dish.

One thing to note if you are bringing your Taiwanese friends here, some of the dishes are localised meaning that the flavour of the dishes is stronger than the ones in they have in Taiwan. Based on our own experience, food in Taiwan is not strong in flavour. Let’s begin our food galore! 🙂

Kim Chi Steamboat 韩式泡菜锅 RM27.90

Beef Soup Ramen 牛肉面 RM14.90

Iron Egg 铁蛋 RM3.90

This a very nice side dish to order while waiting for your main courses to come. A very popular dish from Taiwan and the taste is decent and standard fare without anything mention-worthy. 🙂

Kochabi Double Content @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (11)

All the prices listed below the dishes are based on ala carte and you can add RM5.00 to the price given to make it a set menu which comes with one bowl of Soup of the Day, Rice and 3 side dishes. Just like the photo shown above.  We find that it is indeed very worthwhile and value for money with the RM5.00 addition. The soup that we had that day is Chinese radish soup which is quite flavourful and appetising. A good combination to the dishes we had that day. The reason that the restaurant is called Kochabi Double Content is that they give you two content which are the two bowls of main course and the soup. 😛

Claypot Steamed Cod Fish With Dried Radish 生煲菜脯雪鱼 RM28.90

A Mei’s Pan Fried Cod Fish 阿妹煎雪鱼 RM28.90

KayaButter are big fans of cod fish. The meat of cod fish is so creamy, sweet and soft. We love cod fish steamed with soy sauce. Simple and nice. That’s what Kochabi has prepared for us. Thumbs-up!!! Kochabi also prepared fried version for those who want the additional crunchiness. We loved both versions of the cod fish prepared. The portion of the cod fish is rather big also. 🙂 Recommended dish if you love cod fish and you have extra cash to pop! ;-P

Taiwan Stir Fry Golden Prawns 宝岛黄金虾 RM13.90

This is also another dish that leaves a very good impression on KayaButter. The prawns are well stir-fried. Very crispy on the outside yet sweet, juicy and succulent prawn meat inside. The prawns were gone in minutes after they are served! Recommended!

Crispy Lemon Chicken 柠檬香鸡排 RM8.90

Flavour Pan Fried Chicken 风味煎鸡排 RM10.90

Fried Chicken With Mango Sauce 香芒炸鸡排 RM9.90

Pan Fried Garlic Chicken 蒜香煎鸡扒 RM10.90

Kochabi has prepared 4 flavours and types of chicken for chicken lovers! 🙂 All the chicken dishes are quite decent and on par standard. The chicken meats are well fried, juicy and tender. KayaButter particularly loved Fried Chicken With Mango Sauce and Crispy Lemon Chicken. We loved the crunchiness of the fried chicken and both flavours are our favourites also.

Sticky Three Word Pork Ribs 秘制三字骨 RM13.90

We find that the pork ribs are a bit too tough to our liking. The plum sauce is rather nice to complement the pork ribs with its sweetness and a tad of spiciness. 🙂

Kochabi Double Content @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (19)

Kochabi Pan Fried Lamb 古香煎羊排 RM15.90

Three Flavour Japanese Tofu 三味日本豆腐 RM8.90

This is also another recommended dish. It can mistaken as Thai kerabu with the use of mango slices. The fusion between tofu and mango sauce is quite successful with the combination of the sweetness and a hint of sourness of the mango sauce complementing the tender and soft tofu. Well done and a memorable dish! 🙂

Hu Nan Spicy Stewed Beef 湖南香辣牛腩锅 RM13.90

Kochabi Braised Duck With Ginger 古早羗芽鸭 RM12.90

Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 RM12.90

Kaya prefers Kochabi Double Content’s Drunken Chicken compared with Kochabi Taiwanese Delight whereby the latter uses cold chicken with rice wine. The chicken is decent and it is the soup that makes a lasting impression. A very well-done soup with rice wine and hints of herbs and a tad of sweetness. Kaya finished more than half of the soup. That speaks volume of how good this Drunken Chicken soup is! Please try and let me know your comment as each of our taste buds is different! 🙂

Kochabi Double Content @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (25)

Claypot Pork Ribs With Taro In Brown Sauce 红烧芋头排骨煲 RM13.90

Claypot Stewed Duck Thai Style 暹罗焖鸭 RM12.90

Slow Cook Basil Wine Chicken 台式三杯鸡 RM11.90

Kaya is a big fan of ‘Three Cups Chicken’ and it is a dish that Kaya will try whenever he goes to any Taiwanese restaurant. Kochabi Double Content’s Slow Cook Basil Wine Chicken does not disappoint with its flavourful and well-cooked chicken! A must-try if you are a big fan of ‘Three Cups Chicken’.

Claypot Braised Spicy Pork Belly 四川辣子回锅肉 RM12.90

Claypot Tong Po Meat 秘制东坡肉 RM14.90

KayaButter do not know how to review this dish as we have never tried such dish before. Very sorry ya! 🙂 Another thing is that we don’t really take fatty dishes. Kaya tried out of novelty and finds that it is just nice only. Maybe Tong Po Meat enthusiasts can help us to give comment of this dish if you happen to order this at Kochabi Double Content. 🙂

Kochabi Double Content’s desserts are definitely in another level compared with other restaurants that serves main courses and desserts. Each of the desserts that is served makes a big impression among the bloggers! We particularly loved their presentation of the desserts that is so attractive and saliva-inducing! It is so good that you can bring your family members or loved ones to Kochabi Double Content just for their desserts! 🙂

Kochabi Double Content @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (32)

Azuki Matcha Toast 抹茶冰霜 RM13.90

This is our favourite dessert among all. The matcha ice cream stands out as it is so rich of green tea smell and not so sweet. It comes with toasted bread and azuki beans.

Strawberries Serendipity 士多啤梨屋 RM15.90

It is a dessert that comes with many mini desserts. It comes with strawberry ice creams, strawberry sauce, strawberries and chocolate and butter sponge cake pieces. You can mix and match all the mini desserts and eat to your heart’s content. A very interesting dessert indeed. A must-try dessert!

Crepe de Banana 猴子园 RM13.90

Mango Charlotte Crave 黄金芒果屋 RM13.90

This is rather novel dessert that uses lady finger sponge cake to create a tower that has mango ice-creams inside it. Mango lovers will not want to miss this dessert! It will be quite messy when you eat this dessert especially when you break the tower to get its filling! 😉

Overall, many of the dishes here are quite decent and provide good value for money. They have some amazing dishes that are mention-worthy and you should try those and leave us a comment below if you feel otherwise. Their dessert department deserves a big shout out as they are very special and unique in their own rights! Go try them and tell us your favourite! 🙂

Special thanks to Liew Chi Keong, blogger of mylifevialens.blogspot.com for the invite & Kochabi Double Content for hosting us that night! The boss is very generous, humble and always there to check out on us and make sure that our needs are well served.

contact information

Kochabi Double Content 古早味锅加锅
69-G-77, Penang Times Square,
Jalan Dato Kramat,
10150 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel No: +604-228 7296
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/kochabidoublecontent

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12:00pm – 10:00pm

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