Kuan Yin Temple Hainan Lor Mee @ Hai Beng Cafe, Georgetown, Penang!

Kuan Yin Temple or also called as Goddess of Mercy Temple during weekdays

This is one of Kaya’s mum favorite lor mee stall in Penang. Located opposite or some will call it as besides the Penang very famous temple, Goddess of Mercy Temple or the locals will call it as Kuan Yin Teng (Hokkien Language). The Kuan Yin temple will be very busy every 1st and 15th of the lunar month. Full of her devotees who will worship her and also other gods and goddesses there.

This Hainan lor mee stall has been serving good lor mee for a very long while. Since 1957, the year where our Peninsular Malaysia or better known as Tanah Melayu achieved its independence on 31st August, this stall has been serving good lor mee. Kaya believes that the owner of the stall has changed because the person handling the stall is different than the one Kaya saw when Kaya accompanied her mum for breakfast there after praying to Goddess of Mercy. Still, this stall has a lot of loyal fans.

Kaya went there for breakfast while getting ready for his tour group. Kaya was supposed to bring a busload of local tourists from all over Malaysia who come to Penang for their Loh’s clan meeting.

Kuan Yin Temple Hainan Lor Mee @ Hai Beng Cafe, Georgetown, Penang (3)

This is the entrance to the Hai Beng Cafe and the famous lor mee stall is besides the entrance on the left.

Quite packed especially during lunchtime, weekends and school holidays.

Kuan Yin Temple Hainan Lor Mee @ Hai Beng Cafe, Georgetown, Penang (5)

The famous Hainanese lor mee opposite Guan Yin Temple RM4 (If Kaya is not mistaken)

Lor Mee is the opposite version of Penang Hokkien Mee. They share almost the same ingredients such as yellow noodles, thin rice noodles, braised eggs, bean sprouts and slices of chicken or pork slices. You can find them at many of the coffee shops around Penang. And some stalls will add chicken feet as a specialty. This Hainanese lor mee is definitely better than most lor mees that Kaya has had. The gooey broth is not too thick and not to watery, just right! And the combination of the ingredients is superb. Remember to put in so chili sauce for the extra kick and if you prefer sourish taste, then add more of the vinegar garlic paste. You can add extra ingredients as you like. Just tell the stall operator but remember the price will be much higher. 🙂

Kuan Yin Temple Hainan Lor Mee @ Hai Beng Cafe, Georgetown, Penang (7)

This is chili paste and vinegar garlic paste. Do not mistaken them as tomato sauce and chili sauce. Hehe. Kaya doesn’t know why they choose such color. Last time, other hawkers put blue color bottle to represent vinegar garlic paste. 🙂 Add accordingly and if you are unsure, then don’t add at all or add gradually. If not, you will spoil the taste of the lor mee.

Kuan Yin Temple Hainan Lor Mee @ Hai Beng Cafe, Georgetown, Penang (8)

Longan Drink

Kaya remembered the reason Kaya photographed this longan drink is because of its price, if Kaya is not mistaken. The price for this drink is RM2.00 IF Kaya is not mistaken. Please correct me if Kaya is wrong. The price is too high. 🙁 Cut throat. Avoid ordering this and enjoy your good tasting lor mee.

contact information

Hainan Lor Mee
Hai Beng Cafe
Lorong Stewart,
10200 Penang
GPS: 5.418358,100.338548

business hour

Kaya is not sure. The stall is open usually in the morning until afternoon.

Anyone who knows, please comment and Kaya will update this.

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  1. Is it closed any day of the week, especially weekends? 🙂

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Penang Ho Chiak,

      Thank you for visiting our blog. Not sure also. We think weekdays sure got. That’s the issue. Kaya doesn’t know the operating hours. Anyone else can help?

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