Onigiri Station おにぎり ステーション @ Sun Tech Penang Cyber City, Bayan Baru, Penang!

Fancy for some onigiri (click the word for Wikipedia definition of onigiri), a Japanese word for rice ball either in oval or triangular shape and wrapped with seaweed? As a tradition, onigiri is usually stuffed with salted stuffs such as Japanese apricot aka ume, salted salmon, taroko and etc to serve as natural preservative. Or looking for affordable Japanese bento sets to satisfy your Japanese food craving? Head on to Onigiri Station if you are somewhere in Bayan Baru, near Sunshine Square & SunTech building.

Onigiri Station おにぎり ステーション @ Sun Tech Penang Cyber City, Bayan Baru, Penang (1)

Onigiri Station is located at the back of the SunTech building.

The size of the restaurant is rather small and KayaButter wonder how can it fit the lunch crowd from the factories and companies nearby. We think that it can fit around 30 people at one time.

Recently, Butter’s sister is on fire and keeps on recommending us her favorite eateries. Last weekend, we had Japanese cuisine for our lunch. She brought us to Onigiri Station at Sun Tech building. It is a small eatery but serves above average Japanese bento sets.

This is how the interior of the Onigiri Station looks like. You need to do self-order at the counter there.

A closer look to the counter where they also prepare the food.

You can choose ala-carte and also menu sets.

One thing good is that there is a free flow of RO water if you don’t wish to order any other drinks.

Here is the list of foods that Onigiri Station offers.

If you wish to order onigiri, here is how you order the onigiri and you can choose from four kinds of toppings and two kinds of sauces.

Only for those who ordered Bento Set, you can have a choice to choose your topping also.

They have a bulletin board for information sharing. Kaya sees a lot of insurance agents and real estate agents’ namecards.

Onigiri Station おにぎり ステーション @ Sun Tech Penang Cyber City, Bayan Baru, Penang (11)

From 3pm-5pm, they have a promotion. You can buy onigiri at RM3.80 and it comes with a free drink. You can choose either milo, cappuccino and coffee.

Onigiri Station おにぎり ステーション @ Sun Tech Penang Cyber City, Bayan Baru, Penang (12)

Bento Set RM10,80.

Don Set RM8.00.

Since both set are almost the same, KayaButter will comment both as one. The portion is not that big and the ingredients are small too. Kaya ordered Don Set and the chicken comes in square slices. It is rather ‘wet’ meal as the mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce covered the whole of the rice as you can see in the photo above. If you don’t like that much sauce, do inform them when you order the set.

The salad is nothing to shout out. I prefer mayonnaise rather than the sauce given. Kaya doesn’t know what sauce is that but it is a bit too sour.

Onigiri Station おにぎり ステーション @ Sun Tech Penang Cyber City, Bayan Baru, Penang (16)

Here’s the total damage for 4 person lunch. RM34.80. Good thing is that they don’t charge government tax and service charge. 🙂

Overall, the food is not bad and above average comparing with the price we pay. The food portion and the ingredient that they give is a bit smaller and for big eater, this poses a problem. The food served is quite fast and based on Butter’s sister experience, the jelly taste has improved compared to last time. She still misses the ice cream. She said that the ice cream is good but was MIA for a long while.

Give it a try for the sake of novelty. 🙂

By the way, Onigiri Station is in Delivereat.my list of restaurants. 🙂 You can order through them for delivery if you are lazy to go out.

contact information

Onigiri Station
Lot 1-G-17, Suntech Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,
Bandar Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Facebook Page: www.facebook/onigirisuntech
Contact No: 017-373 3163

business hours

11:00AM – 9:00PM

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  1. Ken says:

    Sounds really cheap for price but nothing too special (for food) either

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Ken,

      Yup. This a favorite joint for the factory workers and office people nearby. Onigiri is something new for me and the bento sets are kind special by its own way la. 🙂 Lots of mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. 🙂

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