Pancake Corner 加料万煎羔 @ In Front Joo Huat Restaurant, Perak Road, Penang

KayaButter is on fire with Perak Road famous food and delicacies. After introducing the all-time famous Kim Leng loh mee, KayaButter are going to introduce another Penang delicacy that is famous among the locals staying in Perak Road area which is Pancake Corner 加料万煎羔. This is a Malaysian style pancake. It is made of flour, sugar, ground peanut and margarine or butter. That is the basic form of Ban Chang Kuih. It has been said that the original form of Ban Chang Kuih is done using a big oval pan and the pancakes are cut into smaller pieces. KayaButter still manage to find such Ban Chang Kuih at Jelutong Market. Nowadays, the Malaysian pancakes sellers have already upped their competition by offering all kinds of ingredients to add on and most commonly found is corn. Read on as you will find the list of added ingredients and the prices of each pancakes.

If KayaButter are not mistaken, the stall has been taken over by his son. The founder of this stall now helps his son to cut and pack the pancakes and handle the payments. One thing that KayaButter love about this stall operator is that they are very clean and efficient. KayaButter will not say that they are fast as the pancakes take time to be done. KayaButter observe that they clean the pans each time using sprinkler bottle after they finished cooking each of the pancakes. After talking to the uncle, he told us that many of the tools used are actually custom made to help them prepare the pancakes faster.

Just like this one, they custom made this container in order for them to clean the long knife easily. Thumbs up to your passion in making pancakes. KayaButter love passionate stall operators who know their trades well and willing to invest in good tools to make themselves more efficient.

On the left, Pancake with Corn RM1.40. On the right, Pancake with Ham & Cheese RM3.20.

Our verdict? Definitely one of the best pancakes in Penang. 🙂 Kaya loves his order very much which is Pancake with Corn. It is very crunchy and sweet at the same time. Definitely a very good food for tea time. 🙂 Butter finds that her order which is Pancake with Ham & Cheese is a bit let down as the owner puts some mayonnaise into the pancake which kind of affect the flavours of ham & cheese which originally match and complement their tastes. The mayonnaise overpowers the taste of both ham & cheese. Do avoid this if you are not a big fan of mayonnaise. If you are, just go ahead and order it! 🙂

Here is the list of ingredients that you can mix and match and the price list of Pancake Corner. 🙂 Enjoy!

Will KayaButter come back again? A big resounding YES! 🙂 What about you?

contact information

Pancake Corner 加料万煎羔
In Front of Joo Huat Restaurant
366-I-G, Perak Road,
10150 Penang.
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business hours

Wednesday – Sunday

Closed on Monday – Tuesday

2:00pm – 9:30pm

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