Project Occupy Beach Street, Penang (Part 1 of 3)

Project Occupy Beach Street takes place at Beach Street every Sunday. As it is a no-car-day for Penang every Sunday, partial of the road are closed down for people to walk around, cycling and other non-car-activities, such as performances. Be sure you go early or you have to park your car further and walk here.

I am going with fellow bloggers this beautiful Sunday morning. I guess I am the earliest to reach there as I get a really strategic parking lot besides Fort Cornwallis. While waiting for them, I selfie a bit (hehee…) while enjoying the sunshine and the calming sea breeze. The morning air is cooling and soothing. Thus, I am having a good mood to start my pretty Sunday.

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 01 Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 02
Wow, looks who’s there!? Our CM Lim Guan Eng is watching Kungfu performance with his wife. Many people gathers here either with camera, ipad or mobile phones, snapping here and there. Some are tourists, some are locals.
We pass by the MySuperVIP booth with this cute little cartoon. MySuperVIP card is a reward card which we can be used in most of the participating outlets and restaurants as the picture showed below.
They are having a game session and we decided to join it. I am partnered with Chloe the quite famous blogger of the We work as a team to find the alphabets from the tiny pastas from the words given by the organiser. Team which is the fastest win.
Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 24 Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 25

We are so into the games that we care nothing around us. Honestly I am quite nervous at same time enjoying the games. At last, our hard work pays. Yes, we WIN! we are so happy  because winners each get a free MySuperVIP card with a pre-reloaded 50 points, which is equal to RM50. We can spend it at the participating outlet of our choice.

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 26
Me, Butter with my MySuperVIP card and a lollipop for Kaya, who can not make it for this event.
Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 27
   Chloe and I try our luck for the lucky draw.
Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 28
 I get a lollipop! haha..

Art Corner

There is an indoor art corner, somewhere opposite Ambank, where u can do many DIY artworks and let you creativity runs wild.

Nice horsey decoration greeting us at the entrance of the building.

 Butter is listening to the story of Armenian Street. It’s Free! Thanks to whoever that sets up this stall. Very thoughtful indeed.

Wow, we can actually create our own sand art in the bottle!

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 43

RM25 for a pair of DIY wooden sandal. Painting stuff included. It reminds me that back in my childhood time, everyone in the house has a pair of it.

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 44

 The adults are so serious learning the origami. I wonder what they are folding.

  Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 40

I get attracted by these colourful stuffs in this red suitcase.

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 39

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 45

OMG! Cute fluffy soft toy!

Project Occupy Beach Street Penang 46

Really cute and interesting buttons, basically about Penang cultures.

They are so cute!! We can’t help it but to get some back.

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