Relau Seafood Cafe Zhu Char @ Lengkok Nipah Roadside, Taman Lip Sin, Penang!


*All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy S4. Not bad quality, eh? :-P*

So, one night, KayaButter were introduced by Butter’s sister’s boyfriend to try an eatery called Relau Seafood Cafe that he said quite good and economical. 🙂 At that time, KayaButter were thinking what to eat for dinner. So, we followed him. He brought us to Taman Lip Sin.

It is at the roadside of Lengkok Nipah. If you are driving from along Jalan Bukit Gambir from USM, once you see Taman Lip Sin sign very big on your left, turn left at the traffic light. You will see Lip Sin Sunshine on your right. Go straight until you see a junction then turn right and you will see a market on your right. Turn into the market for parking. Walk out of the parking and turn left back to the main road and look for a bus stop. The stall is besides the bus stop.

This is the first time KayaButter see a stall just behind the bus stop. Weird. ;-P

Relau Seafood Cafe Zhu Char @ Lengkok Nipah Roadside, Taman Lip Sin, Penang (3)

Their menu list. Kaya is sorry because Kaya is a banana person. Kaya cannot read Mandarin words well. 🙁

As you drive towards the junction, you will actually drive pass Relau Seafood Cafe on your right. Go park at the market first before walking to the stall.

Relau Seafood Cafe sells zhu char and also individual dishes. You can also order their zhu car dishes to add with your individual dishes. You can order chicken, fish or pork for your individual dish and you can choose a lot of type of sauces.

Kaya don’t know how to write in English for this dish RM6.00. Checking. 😛

Kong Poh Chicken Rice RM5.50

KayaButter are quite shocked as the portion given for the rice is rather big and quite a lot of chicken pieces. Not easy to find such generous hawker who will give you such big portion. KayaButter are afraid that the price might be high but it turn out to be RM5.50. Quite acceptable. For small eater, this will definitely make you very full. For big eater, this will be just nice for you.

The kong poh sauce is very well cooked and thick. It gives the whole dish a very good taste and appetizing. A must try! 🙂

Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice RM5.50

The chicken portion is big and the rice given is also quite a lot. It seems to be the standard practice. The chicken is fried until very crispy. Too bad is that the sweet and sour sauce is a bit too diluted otherwise this dish will be very good. The crispy chicken and its tender meat make up for this dish.

Hokkien Char RM4.00

The portion is big and the noodles are cooked just nice, al dante, not too soft or too hard. The ingredients given are quite a lot too. 🙂 A very nice dish.

Go for this stall if you are looking for a meal that can make your stomach full but does not make a big hole in your pocket. Do take note that the hygiene level is not so high but acceptable only since the stall is just by the roadside. So, those who want high hygiene stalls, do avoid this. Relau Seafood Corner is also near to the famous tom yam maggi in Taman Lip Sin.

contact information

Relau Seafood Cafe
Roadside of Lengkok Nipah,
Taman Lip Sin,  11700 Gelugor Penang.

business hours

Tuesdays-Sundays (Close on Mondays)
5:00pm++ – 10:00pm

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  1. effie says:

    Kaya, its call “sambai eng cai” or sambal kang kong.. 🙂

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