Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Revisit @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang

KayaButter had a chance to revisit Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine, Penang Times Square branch to satiate our craving for our favourite Tao dishes. Whenever, anyone is thinking of satisfying their craving for unlimited sashimi, great Japanese and Asian food with great ambience and affordable prices, we will recommend Tao and we prefer Tao Auto City (this is more to a personal choice as we stumbled upon Tao at Auto City 1st and it has a special meaning to us). We are always impressed with its bold and stylish interior designs. To check out their interiors, do click here for our previous blogpost about Tao Times Square.

To be honest, most of the dishes in Tao Times Square are decent and taste nice with some exceptionally good and some misses. KayaButter will comment on the recommended dishes that suit our taste buds.

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Revisit @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (1)

B13 Sashimi Moriawase

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Revisit @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (5)

B9 Sushi Moriawase

These two dishes are by far the most ordered dishes in Tao, KayaButter guess. 🙂 We love the details and hard work that the chefs put in decorating this dish. Great presentation with great sashimi! 🙂

Assorted Sushi

We get to try something special which is the sushi that is covered with cake instead of seaweed. Something innovative but it doesn’t quite suit our palate. We definitely love the cheese covered sushi.

D6 Gyoza

This is also very nice! Remember to dip the gyoza in the specially made soy sauce for the extra oomph!

D3 Okonomiyaki

The word okonomi means what you want or like and yaki means cooked or grilled. This is like the Japanese version of pizza. KayaButter love the crispiness and the thinness of this dish together with the mayonnaise.

D1 Oden

This is a very nice fish cake! Very nicely executed and nice to bite and chew with a hint of sweetness. KayaButter have an impression that everything in Tao that is dark in colour will be very nice! Haha! This reminds us of the fish satay that we use to have during our childhood times but definitely this is a better deal.

K8 Gyuniku

D1 Shrimp Patties

Lovers of pasemburs and crispy stuffs, this is a MUST-ORDER dish! Very crispy and the accompanying gravy is simply awesome!

K6 Ebi

K9 Shake

E5 Black Pepper Beef

This is where we get our impression that everything that is dark in colour in Tao will be tasty. This is also recommended. You must consume this dish when it is hot or right after it is served as Kaya experienced tasting this dish at both times. When it is hot, the black pepper beef tasted better. Not too chewy.

H11 Yasai Itame

Although it doesn’t looked very attractive and rather simple, KayaButter find that they taste refreshing and sort of like a reset to all the great food you have taken.

G1 Shake Teriyaki

G2 Misoyaki

This KayaButter’s favourite. We loved how smooth the fish is and buttery taste. Too bad that the fish has some issue and is not up to the usual standard that we used to have before.

G9 Saba Shioyaki

G13 Kabuto Teriyaki

L11 Tori Katsu Don

F4 Soft Shell Crab Karaage

Without a doubt, something that KayaButter will miss. Very crispy and with a hint of seafood sweetness.

G4 Motoyaki Scallop

KayaButter’s, especially Kaya, most favourite dish ever in Tao. We believe others will swear by it also. MUST-TRY!

L4 Shabu Shabu

Be careful of this dish as the soup will overflow when the soup starts boiling. KayaButter experienced that and the soup just keeps flowing out of the hotpot. Luckily, the staffs are fast to act and come to our rescue. They helped us to clean the soup on the table and ask whether we want to change to a new order. Very friendly two girls.

F8 Crabmeat Cream Cheese

This is Butter’s favourite dish. Very crunchy and tasty.

F1 Chicken Ban Ban

This is also another recommended dish. It is like the Japanese version of chicken floss. Goes very well with the deep fried chicken with egg.

H6 Sake Hamaguri

H8 Spicy Tsubu

H7 Kimchi Ika

H11 Yasai Itame

Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Revisit @ Penang Times Square, Georgetown, Penang (33)

Besides ala-carte dishes, Tao Penang Times Square offers dessert station with a few selection of cakes and ice creams and oden station whereby you can order grilled items.

All in all, Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine is definitely here to stay for long as it offers value to its patrons with exceptional selection of Asian cuisines and its signature ala-carte buffet style together with affordable prices.

Thank you PenangLang.my and Tao for the invite.

Here is the pricing structure:

Lunch Time – RM59.16 nett

Dinner Time

RM71.92 nett (Adult)

RM71.92 nett (Children). Children’s price will be based on his/her height.
Below 90cm – FREE
90cm-140cm – Half price
140cm and above – Adult price

contact information

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine
1st floor, Times Square Penang,
Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel No: 04- 2285826/ 04-2263760
Website: www.tao-cuisine.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TaoAuthenticAsianCuisine

business hour

 Lunch Time

Monday – Friday

12:00pm – 4:00pm

Saturday – Sunday, Eve of & Public Holiday

12:00pm – 4:00pm

Dinner Time

Monday – Thursday

5:30pm – 10:30pm

Friday – Sunday, Eve of & Public Holiday

5:30pm – 11:00pm

**Early bird special 10% discount for DINNER, dine in before 6.30pm from Monday to Friday except Saturday, Sunday, eve of public holiday**

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