The Best Midnight/Supper Nasi Tomato in Penang @ Flat Taman Seri Damai, Batu Lanchang, Penang!

Nasi Tomato Batu Lanchang

Kaya has always been wanting to try this legendary nasi tomato (tomato rice) that has been touted as the best nasi tomato in Penang. And this nasi tomato stall only starts operating at 11pm and ends around 3am or when the food supply ends. 😛

Kaya has been trying to avoid supper to be healthier. This explains why Kaya has not tried this nasi tomato until these few days. Second reason is that Kaya does not know the exact location of this stall even though a few people has explained to me. Kaya knows roughly the location only.

So, one night recently, Kaya felt hungry and was looking for something that can fill my stomach. Then suddenly, Kaya recalled of this legendary nasi tomato. And Kaya tried to use Foursquare to locate it but also not so accurate. To make it easier for you all to locate the nasi tomato stall, it is opposite Batu Lanchang wet market. Many park illegally at the roadside in front of the stall. If you do not wish to park illegally, you can park in the wet market or the road on the right after the stall.

The Best Nasi Tomato in Penang @ Flat Taman Seri Damai, Batu Lanchang, Penang (1)

The queue is always that long. The 1st time Kaya went there, thank God, there is no queue. Kaya thinks that there are peak hours also. The photo above is the 2nd time Kaya went there together with Butter. That time, the queue is rather long. Even though the queue is long, the line moved rather fast. It seems that mostly are regulars and they know what they want. Besides that, the staffs there are quite fast.

There are 2 coffee shops or rather coffee stalls that serve the customers of this famous nasi tomato. The hygiene level of the coffee stalls is below par, KayaButter believes and we opt for bottled drinks for hygiene concerns. We love the A&W Root Beer. 🙂

The Best Nasi Tomato in Penang @ Flat Taman Seri Damai, Batu Lanchang, Penang (5)

The selection of dishes is quite limited. Maybe, that’s the reason that the queue moves fast. They serve many kinds of curries with different kind of meats. They serve chicken and beef due to halal issue. The nasi tomato prepared and served by Malays. So, I believe that it is automatically halal. 🙂 Besides that, they have ikan bilis or called as anchovies, prawns, fried chickens and vegetables. Most of the customers ordered fried chicken and anchovies together with lot of gravies, the Malays called this style as kuah banjir which flood of gravy. 🙂 So, Kaya followed the same.

This their contact no. KayaButter are not sure whether they will let you pre-order your meals. You can give it a try if you want. 🙂

Nasi Tomato with a piece of fried chicken and anchovies RM5

This picture is taken during Kaya’s 1st visit.

Even though Kaya has put a lot of gravy, it is still not enough for me and Kaya went back to get more gravy. And the stall operator is so kind to let me do so. 🙂

This is my 2nd visit. I ordered 1 and 1/2 nasi tomato since the rice is rather little.

If I am not mistaken, the price for both plates are around RM11. So, expect that each plate with a piece of chicken and another dish is around RM5.

Overall, this nasi tomato is a killer. It really lives up to its reputation. The main attraction is its nasi tomato. Very fragrant, sweet and soft to chew. You don’t always get to try such gooooood nasi tomato. Even though you have mixed it together with gravy, you still can smell the fragrance of the nasi tomato. The fried chicken is decent although KayaButter find is rather small.  Remember to put a lot of gravies! The gravies will help the food tastes better. 🙂

Will KayaButter miss this food when we are hungry during late nights? YES!!!! A BIG YES!!! But do practice restrain if you are currently on diet or wish to live healthier. Do indulge at times but not always! 🙂 So, next time if you are very hungry in the middle of the night and wanted something heavy, head to Nasi Tomato Batu Lanchang.

contact information

The Best Nasi Tomato Penang
Besides Guard House,
Flat Taman Seri Damai, Lintang Batu Lanchang,
Batu Lanchang, 11600 Penang.

business hour

Mondays – Saturdays Closed on Sundays

11:00pm – 3:00am

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