The Famous Hokkien Mee @ In Front of Butter & Olive Academy, Perak Road, Penang?

Hokkien Mee @ In Front of Butter & Olive Academy, Perak Road, Penang (1)

Kaya get to know about this hokkien mee after seeing, a food directory, posted about it. Kaya has been trying to find a chance to try it together with Butter. Instead of getting to the right stall, we detoured to another stall and at that place, KayaButter stumbled upon a hidden gem that sells damn good wan tan mee. KayaButter will post about it when we have time ya and also to reduce the no of people going there 1st so that we can enjoy it ‘peacefully’ πŸ˜›

OK. Enough of the sidetrack. This hokkien mee stall is just located in front of the famous Butter & Olive Academy. They turned the service lane into makeshift coffee shop. As you go along Perak Road, you will see three storey tall buildings, look for Butter & Olive Academy.

When KayaButter reached that place, there is already a few people queuing up to get their take-away hokkien mee. Good sign of a great hokkien mee?

Hokkien Mee @ In Front of Butter & Olive Academy, Perak Road, Penang (3)

The hokkien mee stall is handled by family members that includes husband & wife and also their mother. πŸ™‚

See the crowd? Some of them are actually eating other food which is porridge.

Hokkien Mee @ In Front of Butter & Olive Academy, Perak Road, Penang (5)

The reason KayaButter show this picture is to highlight the extorbitant price of herbal tea (leng teh suamΒ in Hokkien) RM1.60 per glass. That’s quite expensive. πŸ™ Be careful that sometimes night stalls tend to charge more expensive. Just our observation.

We were told earlier that we need to wait for around 15 minutes++. Turned out, the hokkien mee is served in 10 minutes++. Good way to manage the expectation of patrons.

Hokkien Mee RM3.30

Verdict? Good but not great. The broth lacks the strong taste of prawn and not thick enough. Simply said, the hokkien mee lacks the ‘kick’. Surprisingly, they are very generous with the sliced prawns and other ingredients. πŸ™‚ That’s a plus point. One of the reason KayaButter deduced about the crowd is that there are not many hokkien mee stalls that sell at night. So, the patrons settle for the good and not the best. Maybe our readers can suggest some great hokkien mee aka prawn mee that sells at night?

contact information

Hokkien Mee Stall
In Front of Butter & Olive Academy,
377D, Jalan Perak,
11600 Penang.

business hours

Thursday – Tuesdays
Closed on Wednesday

8;30pm++ – 2;00pm

The owner said that the opening time is around 830pm to 9:00pm depending on what time they finished preparing and the closing time varies also from 1:00am to 2:00pm depending on what time they finish their ingredients. Best of luck!

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  1. Nick Chan says:

    This is my midnight bite, the koay teow thng is not bad too!

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