Wan’s Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah Kelantan @ Delima Mas Coffee Shop, Island Glades, Penang

This is a hidden gem which KayaButter are rather reluctant to share because if this gets very popular, the waiting will definitely be longer and we are afraid the quality might drop. To test whether a chef/cook is good or not, one way is to ask him/her to cook the larger version of the dish. Not many can maintain the same taste when they cook the large version of a street food, based on KayaButter’s observation.

If you are staying or working around Island Glades, then you are in for a treat for your dinner and maybe your loved ones too if they loved fried chicken. 🙂 The stall is manned by a group of young Malays who really know how to cook great fried chicken with special recipe of spices from Kelantan. Kaya sort of found them when Kaya was buying dinner for Butter from Delima Mas coffee shop. There are some stalls which sell quite good food which KayaButter will update here in the future. Butter particularly loves the chicken porridge sold by a chicken rice and hor fun stall which comes with small shrimps. Very tasty.

The stall can be very busy during peak hours which are after work hours, somewhere 6pm-8pm period. That time, you will see many people queuing up to ‘tapao‘ (takeaway) the tasty nasi kukus. The nasi kukus (steamed rice) is rather soft and gives a good tasting experience (好口感). The main attraction of this dish is the ayam berempah (fried chicken with spice). The aroma that you smell as you approach the stall is irresistible. The ayam berempah is very flavourful and each bite will make you want to take another bite. The chicken is very juicy and tender and most importantly, the inner part of the chicken will also have that aroma. It is that amazing. 🙂

Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah RM4.00

Kaya usually tapao to dine together with Butter. Kaya wishes to remind you all that the rice portion and the chicken size is rather small and big-eaters will definitely find the portion rather potong stim. Try to ask the stall operator whether you can add rice or not. They also do sell fried eggs and sunny side up eggs. Kaya guesses that the option comes after many customers’ requests. 🙂 They also help customers to cut their chicken to make eating the chicken easier. Kaya saw that they do that for customers who dine-in and you may request to do so if you want.

This is the look of the nasi kukus ayam berempah when it is covered with its gravy. They also give green sambal which can be rather spicy when eaten in large amount. Do stir and mix the green sambal with the rice to make the taste even and less spicy. Personally, KayaButter feels that this nasi kukus ayam berempah is better than the one sold in front of the corner shop in Taman Pekaka, Sungai Dua. 🙂

contact information

Wan’s Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah Kelantan
Delima Mas Coffee Shop
Lorong Delima 6,
11700 Island Glades, Penang.


business hours


Around 5pm++ (KayaButter have not yet confirmed the time)

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