Sakana Sushi Bar and Cuisine @ Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang!!!

  Sakana Sushi Bar and Cuisine @ Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang (4)

Sakana Sushi Bar and Cuisine is already 2 years old. Due to some reasons, their business was not as expected. On April 2014, they start to have a major restructure for the restaurant. New directors are brought in to form a new management. Other than that, a new chief chef from a famous japanese restaurant is brought in as well, to replace the old one. Thus, the taste of the cuisine is totally different now.


Salmon Aburi Maki 三文鱼寿司卷 RM20

I am glad that this is not raw salmon, it is cook. I do not really fond of eating raw fish due to some reasons.

特级刺身 Deluxe Sashimi RM55

The Deluxe Sashimi set includes raw salmon, tuna, white tuna, scallop, squid and octopus. Quite fresh actually. It is a heaven for people who loves sashimi. White tuna is my faourite.

Unagi Tosa Maki 鳗鱼寿司卷 RM22

Eel lover will like this sushi, which comes with some mayonnaise.

Sakana Special Maki 特制寿司卷 RM22

This is the sushi I love most. At first glance, I think it is just an ordinary sushi I usually see at Japanese restaurant, with deep fried prawn and tamago wrapped inside the sushi and with a little caviar sticking outside. However, after the first piece, I can not stop myself from taking one after another. The taste of every ingredients blend in well in my mouth.

Deluxe Assorted Roast Sushi 特级烧烤寿司 RM40

There are Roast Salmon Cheese Sushi, Roast Salmon Mentai Sushi, Roast Unagi Sushi, Roast Ebi Cheese Sushi and Roast Kamo(Duck Meat) Sushi. These cater to different people’s taste buds.

Kamo Teriyaki 红烧鸭肉 RM18 (Set with Rice, Miso Soup, Fruit & Chawan Mushi RM22)

I do not like to eat duck meat and seldom eat it, in my whole life. However, I do like this dish. It changes my thoughts about how duck meat should taste like. The meat is juicy and smells good.

Chicken Teriyaki 红烧鸡肉 RM13 (Set with Rice, Miso Soup, Fruit & Chawamumushi RM17)

This dish is not bad. It smells good!

Butaniku Enoki Maki 金针菇猪肉卷 RM14 (Set with Rice, Miso Soup, Fruit & Chawan Mushi RM18)

This dish is regarding enoki mushroom wrapping with pork slice. The gravy reminds me of the soy sauce pork soup that my grandma cooks for me during my childhood day.

Sakana Sushi Bar and Cuisine @ Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang (16)

Salmon Teppan Yaki 三文鱼铁板烧 RM20 (Set with Rice, Miso Soup, Fruit & Chawan Mushi RM24)

The vegetables are very crunchy. I taste a little ginger in the fish. Overall, it is a refreshing dish which turns out to be surprisingly delicious, although it looks normal and not so attractive. Well, we can not judge the book by its cover. A must try!

Kaisen Chahan 海鲜炒饭 RM15

Yaki Soba 炒拉面

Both Kaishen Chahan and Yaki Soba suit our taste as it comes with a little sweetness. Kaya and Butter both have sweet tooth :b

Watana Gani Salad 软壳蟹沙律 RM18

Deep Fried Soft shell Crabs and Deep Fried Salmon Skin are laid on lots of fresh vegetables. For me, the sauce is the highlight of the entire dish. I think there is some peanut butter in the sauce that makes it sweet and taste good. It makes the vegetables, fish skin and crab taste even better.

As a conclusion, I think their food is decent. I prefer the environment upstairs  because it is much spacious and comfortable. The only concern is the parking issue. Although you can park your car at the multi storey MPPP carpark at Hutton Lane opposite Eden Restaurant, but I do not feel comfortable as a girl driving alone. Furthermore, the carpark closes before 7pm. The other option will be Dickens Street and Hutton Lane, which have limited parking lots. However, the walkways from these 2 streets to the restaurant are quite dark. So, make sure you go with friends.



Contact Information

Sakana Sushi Bar and Cuisine
Address: 252, Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang
Contact: Alex (013 946 9796)

Business Hours

Opens Daily

Mon-Fri 12:00pm – 3:00pm & 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Sat – Sun 12:00pm – 11:00pm

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