Limited Edition Gartien 小田佳园 2015 Lunar New Year Pineapple Cakes!

It’s that time of the year again. Still cracking head on what to buy this coming Chinese New Year for your parents, in-laws or your loved ones? Don’t wish to buy the usual CNY hampers or some chicken essence? Well, you can buy awarding-winning Gartien’s 2015 Lunar New Year limited edition pineapple cakes. Oh ya, Gartien has moved to a new shop at Penang Road instead of the Macalister Road’s shop. It is very near to the famous Kek Seng coffee shop.

It is the owner’s idea to create something unique and refreshing in his business practice. Hence, there is no signboard for his new shop. So, if you are looking for Gartien along Penang Road, once you see a shop that does not have a signboard, that’s Gartien 小田佳园. If that’s not clear enough, there are many lightbulbs hanging down in front of Gartien’s shop.

By the way, Gartien is recommended by TripAdvisor!

Once you step into Gartien, you will be greeted with its minimalistic and industrial design.

KayaButter can feel the confidence of Gartien’s boss in his product’s quality and hygiene. It is one of the first few bakeries in Penang that introduced see-through kitchen. Way to go to set a higher standard for the baking industry.

Limited Edition Gartien 小田佳园 2015 Lunar New Year Pineapple Cakes (5)

As we have mentioned in our previous blogpost about Gartien, here and here, the quality of their pineapple cakes is definitely top-notch. Recently, the award that they receive in 2014 reinforces and cements our remark about their products. Gartien’s pineapple cakes received PIE, not the pie that you eat but Pinnacle International Excellence Awards under the Emerging Class Tourism-Souvenir. Hence, their pineapple cakes are something not be missed when you visit Penang. 🙂

Recently, Gartien also introduced their latest product which is pineapple jam. Gartien received special seasonal pineapples called ‘crystal pineapple 水晶黄梨’ that the boss turned them into delicious pineapple jam. The boss uses a lot of pineapple chunks to produce this pineapple jam and not the fillers that you usually get from normal jams. Kaya was very impressed with their pineapple jam as you can literally eat the pineapple meat chunk. Kaya felt like eating sweet chicken meat. That’s how tender and chewable the pineapple chunks. Kaya ordered one for Butter to try! 🙂 The prices are RM11.80 for the 120 grams (6 bottles for RM63) and RM12.80 for the 190 grams (6 bottles for RM68). The pineapple jam is without preservatives or additives and has a 9 months shelf life. If you have opened the pineapple jam, it can lasts for at most 7 days.

Each box of Gartien’s pineapple cake consists of 10 pieces of pineapple cakes. It’s box is in tiffany blue colour, a rather calming colour. 🙂

The packing comes with different colours for each side which are red and green. HUAT AR! 🙂

The boss is a lover of arts and cultures and you can see many paintings in his shop.

The boss even prepared a lounge area for you to chill and test their pineapple cake that comes with a cup of premium oolong tea and pineapple jam with biscuit.

Here’s Kaya enjoying its 1st piece of Gartien’s pineapple cake in 2015! Awesome stuff! 🙂 Kaya really love the attention and customer service design of Gartien. Very detailed. 🙂

Limited Edition Gartien 小田佳园 2015 Lunar New Year Pineapple Cakes (13)

As the saying goes, ‘Do not look at what the leader talk, see how he walk his talk.’ I have also heard before that in order to see whether the boss is good or not, don’t look at the exterior, look at their washrooms. Kaya can sense Gartien’s sincerity in providing excellent customer service when Kaya steps into their washroom. It is like 5-star hotel washrooms with premium toiletries.

Some premium toiletries here and also hand towel for you to dry. There’s a loop hole in its service design whereby Kaya can’t find a container to put my used hand towel. I asked the person in-charge and she told me to just put beside the counter top basin. There is something special in its washroom. Leave a comment if you have found it! 😛

Go get Gartien’s limited edition 2015 Lunar New Year Pineapple Cakes! Here are the details:

Each box is RM45.

You can get the limited edition pineapple cakes from 12/Jan/2015 to 16/Feb/2015.

If you buy 10 boxes, you will get 1 box FREE.

If you are 1st 100 customer to pre-order, you will get a free handmade pineapple jam.

Gartien does delivery to your doorstep too. The delivery charge is RM10 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM40 for East Malaysia. The high price is due to the logistics and has nothing to do with Gartien. Huhu 🙁 To save the cost, just go over its shop and pick up the pineapple cakes.

Due to the location of its shop, it is very hard to find a car park. Most customers just park in front of its shop, buy and leave within 5-10 minutes. That will help to avoid parking summons. If you wish to go into Gartien’s shop and purchase with a peace of mind, Gartien came up with a solution. You can park at Central Hotel’s carpark which is within walking distance to Gartien and bring the parking ticket to Gartien and show them to claim your parking fees.

This is where the car park is located at. The road is called as Lorong Bertam.

You can walk through Central Hotel backdoor to have a shortcut to Gartien.

If you are driving from Penang Road, look out for the Lorong Bertam which is just besides the famous Thai black chicken rice.

That’s how Lorong Bertam looks like which is easily missed if you are not careful.

Going to get one soon? Hope our blogpost helps.

contact information

Gartien 小田佳园
380, Jalan Penang,
10000 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact No: +604-229 0068
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page:小田佳园/165728526835209

business hours


9:00am – 6:00pm

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