TUMI Bag & Luggage @ TUMI Store, Gurney Paragon Mall!

I get to review 2 TUMI bags, one is a female handbag and the other one is a luggage. When I hold the handbag for the first time, I can feel that it is a solid and quality stuff. I find that it has quite a lot of compartments, that make me easy to sort my things accordingly.

This is how it looks like from viewing from top. Cool, isn’t it.

This is the front side pocket. You can see that is another secret pocket that inside it. Surprisingly, there is another one with a zip (where the watermark of www.kayabuttertoast.com is located), hiding inside the secret pocket. I think this is where we put money or important things that we do not want people to see it easily.

Look I have just found! It is an additional monogram patches. How considerate TUMI is.

These compartments we can put pen, lipstick, hair pins, little notebook, small papers, name cards…. etc.

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This is how the handbag looks like from the side view.

I just love the TUMI logo. It is so classy.

You can hook the strap here when you want to hang the bag on your shoulder as a sling bag.

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These are how it looks on me with the strap on.

This is how it looks without strap. It is actually suiitable to be used as a leisure handbag, as well as a great working handbag for lady. Now, I am ready to go out with friends for tea time.

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This is a stunning sporty TUMI luggage. I just love blue colour.

Its design looks really cool with the logo of TUMI in front.

it comes with security lock, which is very convenient which you need not buy a separate lock to make sure your bag’s content is safe.

It is spacious.

28” X 17.5” X 11.5”

71cm X 44.5cm X 29cm

10.9lbs (4.96kg)

Volume: 70 litres

This is another compartment to separate the stuffs from the other compartment.

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I find this inside the bag. It is to protect your attire, such as a coat.

When everything is packed, We are ready to go for a travel.

contact information

TUMI Store

L1-27 & L1-28, Gurney Paragon Mall,

Persiaran Gurney, George Town, Penang.

Tel No: +604-218 9788

Website: www.tumi.com

business hours


10:00am – 10:00pm

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