Experiencing TGV Cinemas Gurney Paragon IMAX 3D & Beanie Hall for FREE During its Open House!

After blogging about TGV Gurney Paragon Open House 2014 event, Kaya went together with Kaya’s mum to experience the IMAX 3D and Beanie Hall at TGV Gurney Paragon Open House. We reached there at around 830pm++, so there were no longer free popcorn and drink and also the appearance of Nico and Pedro, the two birds in Rio 2 movie.

TGV Gurney Paragon is located at the 8th floor. The escalator is a bit confusing at it is located at a different location of the usual escalators but not too far also. After a while, patrons should be able to get use to it. 🙂

You will be greeted with a big TGV logo together with IMAX logo. After that, you will reach the ticketing counter as you continue walking. The design might not be complete yet as Kaya still sees some renovation on-going. Kaya finds that the decoration of the entrance and ticketing counter is not grand enough. Not sure how to explain it but it lacks the cinematic atmosphere like what we used to. It is rather green and bland.

As you continue walking, you will see an escalator on your left which is the entrance to the cinema halls. Keep on going and you will see the food and beverages counter or what they call it as Candy Bar. Kaya personally prefers TGV’s popcorn compared with GSC’s. The caramel is more and the popcorn tastes better in overall. 🙂

Experiencing TGV Cinemas Gurney Paragon IMAX 3D & Beanie Hall for FREE During its Open House (5)

After showing the tickets to the TGV staffs (considering that this a real thing and not an open house thingy :-P), you will walk up to the escalator. Once inside the cinema hallway, on your right nearer to you is the Beanie Hall and IMAX 3D Hall is just besides Beanie Hall. Good placing as this gives priority to the premium payers! 🙂

The seats are definitely very comfortable. Actually, KayaButter find that TGVseats are way better than GSC’s. TGV’s seats are wider,springy and gives better support for Kaya’s back. That was before GSC renovated their seats again and this time Kaya finds that GSC’s seats has improved a lot but still Kaya finds that TGV’s is better. Maybe this is psychological. 😛 First In, Last Out, maybe? 😛

IMAX 3D Glasses

Kaya and his mum! Looking like Spider-Man’s eyes! Hehe 😛

The IMAX 3D experience is awesome and surreal. The 3D specs fits well to my head and quite comfortable. TGV Gurney Paragon played many trailers such as The Polar Express, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, NASCAR IMAX 3D, Godzilla, 300 and so on. Only The Polar Express, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, NASCAR IMAX 3D and Godzilla has the IMAX 3D and the rest of the trailers don’t. It is a bit let down. Nevertheless, my mum enjoyed the IMAX 3D very much especially The Polar Express 3D. Damn nice. The train stopped exactly in front of your face! 🙂

There are rather limited beanie seat avalable and be sure to book it early when box office movies are out! 🙂

Up-close look of the beanie seat! Very comfy looking stuff! 🙂

Kaya’s mum enjoying her beanie seat!

Next is the Beanie Hall. This is a very personal preference. It’s a love-hate relationship. Some will love it a lot! Kaya feels that couples will definitely love this? 😛 And some might not! KayaButter loves beanie bag a lot! Kaya’s first experience after sitting on it is rather disappointing. The beanie bag is hard and uncomfortable. But after adjustments, then the experience is NAIS! Once the beanie supported all your angle, then you will understand why some people will be hooked with beanie. 🙂 One thing though, Kaya personally prefers that they used microfiber instead of leather. Microfiber feels softer and nicer compared with leather that gives a hard feel. Just my opinion. 🙂

Kaya did not have enough time to check out the Standard Halls and left already. 🙂

Overall, Kaya is very happy that Penangnites are given another option to enjoy our movies which is IMAX 3D. That’s a step forward for Penang in terms of entertainment. 🙂

contact information

TGV Gurney Paragon IMAX 3D
1, Level 8
Gurney Paragon Mall
163-D, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 1300 22 2848
Website: www.tgv.com.my
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TGVCinemas

business hours


10:00am – 12:00pm

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  1. Nice post, kaya! 😀

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Raja Syahirah,

      Thank you very much for the compliment. Hope you like what we write here. 🙂

  2. Leanne Leong says:

    Hi! May I ask a question? Are people aged between 13-18 able to enter this cinema?

    • kayabutter says:

      Dear Leanne,

      Yes. If the movie is categorised as ‘General’ but for 18 years old, will not be a problem for any kind of movies. Hope this helps.

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