Coffee Atelier, 3rd Pit-Stop for Penang Heritage Food Trail!

A week after the 1st and 2nd pit-stops of Penang Heritage Food Trail, Kaya is going to the 3rd & 4th pit-stop of the challenge. Actually, Kaya is brought to two restaurants to review and answer questions in a day. There are 3 days and 6 restaurants to review and questions to be answered in the whole Penang Heritage Food Trail event.

Coffee Atelier, our 3rd pit-stop.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (1)

Here’s an excerpt from the official website of Coffee Atelier.

Coffee Atelier is located in the vibrant heart of historic Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city.

Coffee Atelier comprises a collection of five interlinked, beautifully-restored early 20th century ‘shophouses’ and residences, built in 1927, in Stewart Lane. These unique buildings were called shophouses because the original inhabitants carried out their trades on the ground floor, and lived with their families in the upper floors.

One of these, number 53, was once a coffee merchant’s workshop; and here, in the back of the house, the original wood-fired coffee roasting equipment still stands today. The name ‘Coffee Atelier’ derives from this element of the building’s history, and celebrates the memory of this artisanal trade from a bygone era.

Today, this conservation building houses an eclectic mix of a restaurant, an art gallery, a coffee museum and suites which are fully appointed with all modern amenities for short or long term stays.

The whole 5 shophouses is called Coffee Atelier. 

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (3)

The corner unit previously housing Kopi Cine has been replaced with Cafe 55.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (4)

Open Daily for Breakfast & Lunch from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Cafe 55 menu. Very ‘heritage ‘feel’. 🙂

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (6)

Fellow participants and food bloggers taking their seats.

We are being served free flow of orange juice. So nice! Not too sweet and refreshing.

Here are the starters.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (8)

Cold Cut Platter (French Ham, Smoked Pork Rib Eye, Meat Balls) RM28.00. It comes with assorted pickles and bread basket. Suitable for meat lovers.

Cheese Platter (Gruyere, Emmentaler, Bric, Gorgonzola) RM28.00 It comes with assorted pickles and bread basket. Great for cheese lovers. Some special cheese that are not locally available.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (10)

A must try!!! Grilled Prawn Canape. This dish is just introduced to the menu after its success during their Grand Opening as finger food. Very crunchy and nice.

Love the heart shaped baguettes. Below are the stuffs that we eat together with the baguettes as tapas.

Ooh how I love this dish. Gambas Al Jillo (Fresh Shrimps in Chili & Garlic) Loved the sauce so much and also the fresh shrimps.

Grilled Eggplants. RM9.00

Carbonara RM24.00

Aglio Olio with Smoked Salmon. RM28.00

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (21)

Khalua Brownie served with Ice Cream. RM10.00

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (22)

Apple Tart topped with Egg Pudding and Ice Cream. RM13.00

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (23)

Lemon Cake Suprise served with Ice Cream. RM14.00

Our handsome ‘waiter’. Just joking. Thanks to our organizer, Vin Lim for being so supportive and friendly.

After the pastas, now it’s coffee time! Cafe 55 is famous for their gourmet coffee. It’s a must try. 🙂

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (28)

Loved coffee that comes with biscuits.

After the food review, we are taken to a tour of the heritage hotel rooms. We are taken to 47 Residence as the 49 Residence has been occupied. A walk into the hotel gives me a lot of nostalgia as I stayed in a pre-war house when I was small.

There are two suites only per residence. Either you take the lower ground floor or the upper floor and you share the lobby with is at the front of the residence.

They have managed to renovate this heritage shoplot into a very cosy hotel room. And because it’s on the lower ground floor, it’s quite cool.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (32)

Here is the bathroom area. All pre-war houses are quite long.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (33)

The bathroom for the upper floor suite.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (34)

You have a second room for the upper floor suite. Suitable for big families with kids.

The master bedroom. So grand and spacious.

This is the front side of Kopi, a coffee museum. Previously, this is place is used to make coffee powder by Kim Guan & family before they moved to other premise.

The coffee museum is not yet fully open as they are still making changes. 🙂 Managed to steal a picture. 😛

Overall, Cafe 55 is able to bring some good Mediterranean food to Penang although some are quite high in prices. Their coffees are excellent and are must try. And the ambiance is very classy and you get to see the hustle and bustle of UNESCO Heritage Award Georgetown by just sitting near the entrance. One down side is that their cafe is quite small and might be quite crowded.

Contact Information

Coffee Atelier, consists of Cafe 55, Kopi (Coffee Museum), Gehrig Art Gallery & 47&49 Residence (Suites 47A&47B and Suites 49A&49B)

47-55, Stewart Lane 10300 Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Contact No/Tel No: 04-2612261, 016-469 8228 (Lorina Gehrig) & 016-464 8118 (Stefan Gehrig)

GPS: 5.419143, 100.337772


Business Hours

Open daily for breakfast & lunch. 9:00am – 5:00pm

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