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Lighthouse Coffee Georgetown Penang (7) 3

Last Pit-Stop of Penang Heritage Food Trail, Lighthouse Coffee!!!

The last pit-stop. Everyone is quite tense already because after this round, the winner of HTC Wildfire S will be decided. It’s a close competition between Kaya and another participant, Brandon See Toh. 12 points to 8 points. 🙂
Lighthouse Coffee is part of the Logan Heritage Building. It’s headed by Victor, Chief Barista & Roaster. It has a mission/slogan which is ‘Shine U on the World of Coffee’. Victor is trained Autralia with years of cafe experience. He uses the lighthouse as a symbol of enlightening the coffee industry with the correct method of preparing coffee and also the customers on how to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. It really takes skills and knowledge to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. I really salute Victor for his passion and mission. 🙂

Nostalgie Georgetown Penang (2) 0

4th Pit-Stop for the Penang Heritage Food Trail, Nostalgie

After Georgetown being awarded with UNESCO Heritage Award, a lot of boutique hotels, chic hostels, cafe and restaurants are slowly popping out. Here’s the latest addition, Nostalgie, a cafe cum boutique hotel. Nostalgie is a French word for nostalgia. The owners try to bring back our nostalgia during our younger days living in these pre-war houses. Nostalgie is managed by Jean Lee, Jason Lee and family and his childhood friend, Micheal.
With this in mind, the owners preserved all the characteristics of colonial architecture structures while enhancing it with modern amenities such as aircond, fans, lighting and so on.

This is our 4th pit-stop of Penang Heritage Food Trail.

Coffee Atelier Georgetown Penang (1) 0

Coffee Atelier, 3rd Pit-Stop for Penang Heritage Food Trail!

A week after the 1st and 2nd pit-stops of Penang Heritage Food Trail, Kaya is going to the 3rd & 4th pit-stop of the challenge. Actually, Kaya is brought to two restaurants to review and answer questions in a day. There are 3 days and 6 restaurants to review and questions to be answered in the whole Penang Heritage Food Trail event.

Coffee Atelier, our 3rd pit-stop.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (1) 0

Penang Heritage Food Trail 1st Stop: Soul Kitchen Trattoria

Last month, Kaya was selected to join Penang Heritage Food Trail, an event organised by, HTC Malaysia, In Penang Publishing House, Squarelet & Penang State Tourism Board. During the event, participants will have a chance to get up-close with the owner/owners of the restaurant/eatery and taste their food and finally answer questions to win a HTC WildFire S. It’s a very tough game, mind you. 🙂

Here is our first pit-stop, Soul Kitchen Trattoria.