Behind 50, 5th Pit-Stop for Penang Heritage Food Trail!

Thanks to Penang Heritage Food Trail, I get to review Behind 50, a famous cafe among the netizens and locals. Behind 50 is our 5th pit-stop for the event and the dare questions are getting tougher.

One tricky feature of this challenge is that after the 6 questions asked, participants are allowed to dare other participants to answer a question about the eateries and if the person who is dared cannot answer correctly, his/her points will be deducted 1 point and given to the person who dared the participants. 6 dare questions are up for grab.

OK. Back to Behind 50. It’s quite tricky to find Behind 50. Behind 50 is actually near the junction of Love Lane, Muntri Street and Stewart Lane. Once you are near the area, find a place to park and walk towards Muntri Street and near the junctions and look for yellow building. That’s Behind 50.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (1)

 The building is actually located at 50, Love Lane. After World War 2, the building has been split into two, front and behind, and owned by different people. Hence the name of the cafe, Behind 50. 

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (2)

Everything that you see in this cafe is vintage. Many decorative items are actually items that we have played with, used or seen during our childhood times. Nostalgic!

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (3)

Opening hours of Behind 50. 6:00pm – 1:00am. Close on  Thursdays. After December, they will only operate the night session only as they are preparing for another cafe near Behind 50.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (4)

A nice place to view the life of the people in Georgetown while sipping your favourite coffee or beer.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (5)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (6)

I heard that their food has improved a lot after first introduction. And it’s true. The food is great.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (7)

The owners being interviewed by Squarelet pretty hostess, Aerilynn. This cafe is founded by three people. From the right, Issac. In the middle, Gim and the last one is Lydia. She’s busy and cannot come for the event.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (8)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (9)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (10)

Caught a food blogger in action, millymin!Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (11)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (12)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (13)

Signature Mushroom Soup served with Garlic Bread. RM6.90. The soup is thick and the mushroom smell is strong. Combined with the garlic braed and it’s heaven. A must try!

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (14) Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (15) Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (16)


Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (17) Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (18)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (19)

Chicken is tender and nice to chew.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (20)

Ribena Lemon. RM4.50. A must try! Peach. RM4.50. Blueberry RM4.50 and Ice Lemon Tea RM4.50. The prices are a bit high.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (21)

Ice Cream Coffee. RM7.50

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (22)

Oreo Ice Blended. RM8.90. Not sweet enough. Tasted a lot of ice instead.

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (23)

Behind 50 Georgetown Penang (24)

Loved their concept. A menu in a book that I used to read when I am a kid? Creative! Recycle the books and become environment-friendly and saves cost too. Smart ass! 🙂

Overall, I really loved the concept that the owners came up. It really gives you the ‘heritage’ feel that all of us are looking for. The decorations, the tables and chairs are following the same theme. Impressive. Cost saving yet it has the ‘feel’. Well done! There’s one thing that they can improve to take their cafe to another level is their cleanliness. They need to make their cafe feel and look cleaner although I know that the owners are serious about cleanliness, so that they can attract even more customers. Enough said, it’s still a great place to hang out with your friends especially at night. 🙂

Contact Information

Behind 50

Behind 50, Love Lane 10200 Georgetown Penang Malaysia.

Contact No/Tel No: 012-556 5509 / 012-4939230


Facebook Page:

Business Hours

Fridays- Wednesdays. 6:00pm – 1:00am

Close on Thursdays.

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