DIY Tau Sar Pneah @ 田园土产 Tean Ean Local Products, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang

田园土产 Tean Ean Local Products

Founded in 1995 by Mr Teh Tatt Huat, 田园土产 Tean Ean Local Products have been producing and selling local products of Penang. They have more than 300 local products. Your overseas friends or outstation friends will definitely be able to find something that they like here! 😛 Their famous local products are Bah Kut Teh (in Hokkien) or also known as Pork Bone Soup, tambun biscuits or famously known in Penang as Tau Sar Pneah or some calls it as dragon-ball biscuits due to its shape and nutmeg products.


Nutmeg Tea

Tean Ean Tau Sar Pneah & DIY Class


The main focus of the day is its newly launched Tau Sar Pneah DIY Class. By paying RM15, you will get to make your own tau sar pneah with the guidance of their chef, 4 pieces of tau sar pneah to be exact. You will also get one premium box packaging and one cute and real life size tau sar pneah magnet. Besides that, you will also get one box of 8 pieces of tau sar pneah.


Friendly ‘sifu’ teaches us patiently about the steps of making tau sau pneah, before we really try our hand on it. 


So excited, Butter can not wait to start.


It looks like we are great students!

DSC_7731Feeling proud of ourselves, we take a picture happily with the sifu, before putting our tau sah pneah in the oven.


Our masterpieces are prettily baked and leave there for cooling.


田园土产 Tean Ean Local Products has an open concept for their tau sar pneah kitchen. They try to be transparent to their customers about their cleanliness and hygiene. 田园土产 Tean Ean tau sar pneah is freshly baked and they do not add preservatives and MSG. It is crunchy and crisp. The sweetness of filling which is mungbean is just right and leaves you wanting for more. Remember to consume fast to get the best taste for the tau sar pneah. They have other flavors as well instead of the original flavor. Here is the list:

  1. Original FlavorSmall (16 pieces/ Rm 5.70 ), Large (32 pieces/ Rm 9.60 )
  2. Pandan FlavorSmall (16 pieces/ Rm 6.20 ), Large (32 pieces/ Rm 10.20 )
  3. Coffee FlavorSmall (16 pieces/ Rm 6.20 ), Large (32 pieces/ Rm 10.20 )
  4. Coconut FlavorSmall (16 pieces/ Rm 6.20 ), Large (32 pieces/ Rm 10.20 )
  5. Sambal Udang FlavorSmall (16 pieces/ Rm 7.20 ), Large (32 pieces/ Rm12.20 )

Bak Kut Teh



Tean Ean Bak Kut Teh are made of these ingredients, exclude the garlic.

We also get a personal tour around 田园土产 Tean Ean Local Products outlet by the owner of the shop, Mr Teh. He explains to us the history of his grandfather’s bak kut teh recipe during the 1900s and also how to prepare the bak kut teh. You can choose your own ingredients be it pork or chicken and you can add on other materials as you like. Butter use to put fish balls and mushrooms also. The boss reminded us to put in 3 cloves of garlic to enhance the flavor of the soup.

As a conclusion, really do give the DIY Tau Sar Pneah class a try. It is totally worth it and good for family bonding experience or just to have some fun making one of our Penang’s famous local biscuit.


P/S: Today is our blogger, Barry teh’s birthday. Tean Ean specially bakes a large Tau sah pneah for him, as birthday “cake”. We sing birthday song for him. he is so happy and smiles never leave his face.



Tean Ean Local Products (M) Sdn. Bhd 田园土产

90, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang.

5.428441, 100.320853

604 – 229 7973





9:00am – 6:00pm

4 Responses

  1. Cen Hai says:

    I would like to know where I can buy your product of Tean Ean Bah Kut Teh in Kuala Lumpur, I appreciated thak for your attention.

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Cen Hai,

      Sadly to inform you that there is no Tean Ean branch in Kuala Lumpur. I can help you to order and mail it to you. Is it OK for you?

  2. Sharon says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,
    I would like to buy tean ean products. May I know how to buy online?

    • kayabutter says:

      Dear Sharon,

      Kindly email us the product of your interest and the quantity. We will arrange for a free delivery within Penang island for you if the order is more than RM100. If not, you will have to pay for RM8 for the delivery charges.

      Thank you.

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