New Eats On The Block @ Hard Rock Cafe Penang!!!

Hard Rock Cafe has been rocking Penang since 2009, adding many great food and drinks and liven up the night life scene with its Ultimate Foam Party and many more. And most recently Hard Rock Cafe Penang (HRCP) launched 13 new items in its dining menu – 10 eats, 2 drinks and 1 dessert bite. Kaya and Butter are some of the privileged few bloggers to be invited to review them.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (1)

Strawberry Basil Lemonade RM26.00 per glass. RM85.00 nett with Pint Glass.

Upon reaching there, we are being served this awesome refreshing drink. A new concoction of fresh strawberries and basil muddled together and made of scratch lemonade. Helped to quench our thirst after driving for 40++ minutes to reach Hard Rock Cafe and freshen us up to go for the review.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (2)

Smokehouse Chopped Salad RM35.00

For the 1st dish, we get to sample Smokehouse Chopped Salad which is simply delicious. A definitely must try over here. The combination of freshly chop mixed field greens tossed with diced smoked chicken, turkey bacon and spiced pecans, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo with smoky citrus vinaigrette and topped with fresh sliced avocado. You just have to eat it with the avocado. It completes the experience. KayaButter likey… 🙂

Next we get to try Smokehouse Sandwiches

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (3)

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich RM28.00

Their smoked chickens are hand-pulled to maintain the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. It is served with toasted Ciabatta bun topped with Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce. It comes with creamy coleslaw and served with ranched beans ad seasoned fries.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (5)

South Carolina RM30.00

The main difference is its tangy homemade South Carolina style mustard Bar-B-Que sauce with crispy slaw and crispy onions.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (4)

The Texan RM33.00

This one is a bit more spicy for those of you who love all things hot and spicy. It comes with Chipotle and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapenos and cripsy onions! And if you can’t get enough of it, add RM10 to make it a 100z.

Then come the Legendary Burgers

Legendary Chicken 100Z. Burger RM45.00

This is their all star and world famous eat. Just that this time they added a new flavor: chicken. Topped with seasoned turkey bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, a crisp fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (6)

Legendary ‘Percik’ Burger RM48.00

Here is an awesome local favorite burger. The word ‘percik’ is a Malay word which means sprinkle. Juicy burger basted with a paste of Malaysian spices and topped with cucumber slices and fried onion straws. Very recommended for Westerners who wanted to try some different and something Asian or for locals who missed the local delights.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (7) Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (8)

People behind the scenes explaining to us about the process of making the legendary eats.

And HRCP is rockng the wok with new all time Asian favorites. It seems that HRCP is adapting to the taste of the locals. You will definitely see more Asians coming over to eat in  HRCP.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (10)

Ferringhi Ikan Bakar RM30.00

Ferringhi is a Portuguese word which means foreigner. Long long time ago, the locals living in Batu Ferringhi saw Portuguese people stocking up water from Penang Island before continuing their journey with ships hence the name Batu Ferringhi (Foreigner’s Rock). Ceh wah, talking about histroy pulak. Very sorry, recently Kaya went for Tour Guide course, so bit ‘historical’. Haha 😛 Now back to the food. It is a baked fillet of seabass with Portuguese sauce wrapped with banana leaf. Served with acar rampai and steamed rice.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (11)

Seafood Spaghetti RM35.00

Needless to explain. For seafood lovers, this is your dish!!! 😛 Spaghetti is well cooked and the sauce is good. And it is served with garlic toast.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (12)

Tom Yam Seafood Linguine RM30.00

Tom yam is definitely still a big time favorite of the locals and overseas as well. Well, now you can have it here. Hot and spicy. Wok-fried pasta with tom yam sauce with succulent seafood and fresh vegetables.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (9)

Vegetarian Seasonal Vegetables RM25.00

And for those who don’t like meat or a vegetarian, no worries, Hard Rock Cafe has you covered. Stir fried seasonal vegetables with garlic and vegetarian oyster sauce, served with fried vegetable ‘prawns’, fried bean curd and steamed rice.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (13)

Ingredients needed to make the Strawberry Basil Lemonade.Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (14)

One of the waiter showing us how the Strawberry Basil Lemonade is done.

And finally we get to taste some of the famous cocktails in Hard Rock Cafe.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (15) Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (16)

Blues Riff Lemonade RM45.00

Really loved the color. So beautiful and serene. Definitely many will want to know what is this cocktail right? It’s a concoction of Smirnoff Vodka, Blue Curacao, Ginger Liqueur and made from scratch lemonade topped with club soda.

Finally, the heavenly dessert.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (17)

Mud Pie RM35.00

Cookie crust filled with a heavenly concoction of coffee and chocolate ice cream topped with hot fudge and crunchy almond flakes. THIS IS A MUST MUST TRY if you are craving for a very heavenly and mood uplifting dessert. This is the highlight of the day!!! Kaya particularly loved this dessert that he ordered another one just for himself. Super AWESOME!!!

Hard Rock Cafe Penang New Food Launching (18)

Overall, you cannot go wrong with Hard Rock Cafe. The quality, taste and overall presentation is definitely world class. Pick the one that suits your taste buds and enjoy it with the ambiance and the rock songs that are being played. Makes KayaButter thinks of the good times we had reviewing the food.

One thing that left a strong mark in the minds of KayaButter is the hospitality, friendliness and professionalism of the staffs there. Really living up the international standard of Hard Rock Cafe spirit. Thanks Miss Grace Chiam for hosting us and the rest of her team members. You have been a very gracious host. Living up the meaning of your name. Grace. 😛

We really had a good time there and hope to review Hard Rock Cafe Penang in the future. And many thanks to Danielle Fung for inviting me. Too bad you are not there to add more ‘rock’ to the event or should I say sand since you are over there running?. 😛

You can also enjoy Hard Rock Cafe Penang’s new house band too!!! Let’s welcome Jogadanz, playing live from April until June 2013. Jogandanz is a 7-piece, fun and vibrant band formed in Jakarta – having performed at Hard Rock Cafes in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Pattaya, Bali and many other leading venues in Asia. This group knows how to show you a good time with their dynamic groove. They are on stage from:

Sunday to Thursday                                       : 10:15PM – 1:45AM
Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays  : 10:30PM – 2:00PM

You can actually hitch a ride to Hard Rock Cafe Penang using its own free shuttle servce at any four Hard Rock bus stops along Batu Ferringhi’s night market on a daily basis from 6:30PM to 11PM with an interval of 30 minutes.

Contact Information

Hard Rock Cafe
Batu Ferringhi Beach
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 4 8811711 (ext 8703)

Business Hours

Sunday to Thursday                                     : 11:30AM – 2:00AM
Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday       : 11:30AM – 2:30AM

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