Kumamono 熊鱼食 @ Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang!

Guess what, a new bear is in town, in Queensbay Mall to be exact! It is not exactly a very huggable bear but it is something that will fill up your stomach and tease your taste buds! 🙂

Introducing to you, the famous Taiwan Kumamono bear paw!

So cute and innocent-looking bear! 🙂

Kumamono 熊鱼食 @ Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang 1

Kumamono’s bear paw printed buns or KumaBun, as they are fondly called is a very famous dish in Taiwan. They started with a small stall at Feng Jia Night Market, Taichung and have grown so big with so many outlets. Kumamono opened its 1st branch in Penang at the basement of Queensbay Mall, Penang. It is operated by its franchisee. If you are interested to become their franchisee, drop me a comment and I will hook you up with the person in-charge. We were there during their official launching! 🙂

Here are almost all the menu that you can order from them. 🙂

The boss of the branch also goes down and prepares the KumaBuns 🙂

Look at how cute those bear paw printed buns. They are so colourful also! 🙂 Most girls will definitely fall in love with these bear paw burgers!

Let us share with you on how to order your own favourite personalised KumaBun. It comes with five steps which are:

Step 1 – Select your KumaBun

Brown Sugar


Whole Grain

They also have seasonal flavours which are Squid Ink, Yam and STRAWBERRY! 🙂 You can ask at times to see whether you are lucky or not to have the seasonal flavours. Kaya personally prefers the Brown Sugar bun that comes with hints of sweetness. Butter prefers the Milk bun as she is a big fan of milk and the taste of milk permeates the whole bun. Awesome stuffs. Besides that, the buns are really soft, fluffy and most importantly, they are CUTE! The cuteness definitely stirs your appetite.

Step 2 – Select your Meat

Kuma’s Chicken

Karage Cripsy Chicken

Karage Spicy Chicken

Oiishi Fish Fillet

Our personal favourites definitely will be the Karage Spicy Chicken and Oiishi Fish Fillet. Kaya love the crunchiness and the spiciness of the Karage Spicy Chicken. By the way, the portion of the chicken is rather big. Good value for money. Butter loves the Oiishi fish fillet. Definitely oiishi. It is quite similar with Mc Donald’s fish fillet but the bun that covers it, KumaBun wins hands down! 🙂

Karage Cripsy Chicken with Brown Sugar KumaBun.

Kuma’s Chicken with Squid Ink KumaBun.

Oiishi Fish Fillet with Whole Grain KumaBun.

The prices ranges from RM7.90 to RM9.90. The prices are quite reasonable considering the quality of the food given.

Step 3 – Sauces

Tartar Sauce

Sesame Sauce

Cheese Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce

Well, all the listed above sauces are awesome stuffs but to be the best sauce, that will depend on your own taste buds, right? For Kaya, definitely the cheesier, the better! So, Kaya’s pick is Cheese Sauce. Butter who always order Mc Donald’s fish fillet burger without its tartar sauce chooses tartar sauce as her favourite. Well, that speaks volume about how well mixed is the tartar sauce. Butter said that the tartar sauce is less sour and blends very well with the bun and fish fillet and gives a very good tasting experience. 🙂

Step 4 – Sides and Add-Ons

Curry Fish Ball – RM4.90

Fish Ball with Cheese – RM5.90

Potato Wedges – RM4.90

Cheezy Wedges – RM5.90

Chicken Boxing – RM6.90

You can also add0n to create combos such as:

Combo 1Kuma’s Chicken + Coca Cola + Curry Fish Balls/Cheezy WedgesRM10.90

Combo 2Karage Crispy/Spicy Chicken + Coca Cola + Curry Fish Ball/Cheezy WedgesRM13.90

Combo 3Oiishi Fish Fillet + Coca Cola + Curry Fish Ball/Cheezy WedgesRM13.90

Cheezy Wedges

Boxing Chicken

Curry Fish Balls & Potato Wedges

Step 5 – Drinks

You can choose drink(s) from 3 categories which are Soft Drinks (RM3.50), Refresh & Healthy Series (RM5.90) and Mango Tango (RM7.90)

You can get more information from their menu. KayaButter prefer Refresh & Health Series! 🙂

Butter posing with her favourite Oiishi Fish Fillet Milk KumaBun! Oiishi desu! 🙂 Taiwan has a deep intertwined relationship and culture with Japan, hence the Japanese words! 😉

Our photogenic blogger, Jennifer, posing with the bear buns specially imported from Taiwan! 🙂

Our verdict? KayaButter are very happy with the quality of their food. The bear paw buns are fluffy and soft and have hints of flavours which blend well with the meat and sauce. Their side dishes are of decent standard. Who doesn’t like fried stuffs right?! 🙂 One thing we found lacking is place to sit to enjoy its piping hot buns! Their space is rather limited with such a small shop. That’s our main concern. The rest, how can you get such a good quality food with reasonable price. Beware Mc Donald’s and KFC, you have a new challenger!

*Credit to Andrew Teoh for the photo edits! 🙂

contact information

Kumamono 熊鱼食
LG-87A, Queensbay Mall,

business hours

10am – 10pm

4 Responses

  1. Dion says:

    Hello, can i get info about how to franchise kumamono?

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Dion,

      You can try to contact this franchisee (the information is under ‘contact information’ to ask him about the process.

      Thank you.

  2. Dion says:

    Is it possible to open it in Indonesia?

    • kayabutter says:


      I am not sure. You can try to contact the person in-charge of the company to get more information. TQ

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