Teluk Bayan Food Court (金湾美食中心) @ Sungai Nibong, Penang.

Yesterday, Kaya and Butter went to Queensbay Mall to attend Spice CSL new Transformer phone launching event. After the event, we had our dinner at Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant and we spent the whole evening there until 10pm++. On our way home, we past by the relocated Teluk Bayan Food Court. We were a a bit hungry and we decided to check out the new Teluk Bayan Food Court. It has taken the place of a previous restaurant that caters to wedding dinners and functions.

Telok Bayan Food Court 1

The previous Teluk Bayan Food Court is beside B-Suite Apartment and near Shell Station Sungai Nibong. It has been relocated because they are going to build a mosque on the land of the old Teluk Bayan Food Court. If you are still looking for the famous Seafood Tomyam Mee and the Sabah Pan Mee, they didn’t relocate to the new Teluk Bayan Food Court. Instead, they went to another coffee shop that is near to Ayamas Sungai Nibong. Kaya will post the place when Kaya visit there next time, OK? 🙂 

Telok Bayan Food Court 2

Back to the new Teluk Bayan Food Court. It’s still very packed and there are many choices of food to choose from. Many of the previous hawker stalls found in old Teluk Bayan Food Court is still there, like the Pan Cake, the Dim Sum and many more.

Kaya found a gem in this food court. Very recommended. The food is Cheeze Chicken Set. It’s a Japanese set dinner.

Telok Bayan Food Court 3

I ordered the Cheeze Chicken Set from this stall. Cute panda. 🙂

Telok Bayan Food Court 4

Cheeze Chicken Set. RM7.90.

Both Kaya and Butter are suprised with this Japanese dinner set. They are quite authentic. First of all, you get Japanese rice. I have never eaten any Japanese sets sold by hawkers that use Japanese rice. I personally loved Japanese rice. It’s short and fat.

Secondly, they give you miso soup. Man, it reminds me of Sushi King’s miso soup. So nice. 🙂 Very thick soup but a bit salty.

The chicken is very crispy and the cheese is very tasty. The hawker didn’t skimp on the cheese portion. The dinner set is not big in portion but it’s quite filling because of the Japanese rice. I hope that they can give us bigger portion of the chicken meat. Just can’t get enough. Must try!!! 🙂

Telok Bayan Food Court 5

Wan Tan Mee. RM2.80.

Butter ordered this Wan Tan Mee for supper. Just normal and nothing to shout about. 🙂

That’s all for today. 🙂

P/S: Do you have any recommended food in Telok Bayan Cafe? Just leave a comment.

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