LaserOPS Indoor Laser Tag Arena @ 1st Avenue Mall, Georgetown, Penang

Pew, pew, pew! That’s the sound you will hear when you go to LaserOPS Indoor Laser Tag Arena at 1st Avenue Mall Penang.

Kaya believes that it is every men’s dream to get a chance to live their childhood dream by playing some kind of futuristic shooting game. Well, fret no, you can now live your dream as a super shooter in futuristic setting.

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LaserOPS is the largest laser tag arena in Penang with 4,800 square feet of awesome shooting experience. It is also the 1st LED laser tag area in South East Asia. KayaButter are very happy that many big names and brands are willing to open branches in our small little island called Penang. It is located on the 3rd floor of 1st Avenue, right in front of the escalators. You will not miss it if you are travelling up using the escalators.

Since Kaya was late for the event cause Kaya needs to do an airport transfer for my tourists, Kaya missed the chance to take photo of the battlefield. Kaya will update this soon when Kaya goes there again. You get to choose 1 mission or 3 missions. Kaya personally feels that 3 missions are better as you will start to get a hang of the game.

Before you go into the briefing room, you will be given an access card and guided to a laptop. You are required to take a photo of yourself, register yourself with an email and give yourself a nickname.

For the 1st mission, we will get unlimited recharges and we can shoot unlimited. It is an individual game and you literally shoot everyone to gain points. Points will be deducted if you are shot and you will not be able to do anything for 5 seconds. What you should do is run and hide during this 5 seconds. Haha. For 2nd and 3rd missions, you will be divided into teams. If your group is less than or same as 28 people, then that’s great news as your people do not need to wait for second round as the battlefield can only accommodate 28 people at one go.

The 2nd mission will require each team to get as many points as possible. This time, you will need to charge your Phasor at the base. Your Phasor will have extra functions such as spy, recharge health, rapid fire and so on. The teams will be divided to either Red or Green team. All of these will briefed by the marshals in the briefing room before the start of the game.

The 3rd mission will be almost the same except that you are now able to shoot the opponent’s base to gain big points. 100 points per shot. This is where things get more exciting as there will be people running into your base. Haha!

You will use a gun called Phasor. You need to press either two buttons at the top of the gun to fire your laser. Press both and it will become rapid shots. You will need this to gain more points during the team games. You will wear a hard, electronic vest that will enable opponents to shoot at to get points. You will look very ‘yeng’ (a Cantonese term meaning cool) with that vest! 🙂

After the 3 missions, all of us are totally knocked out. Very awesome missions but we are very tired. Oh ya, you are not allowed to bring handphones into the battlefield and no photography is allowed. You can keep your valuables in lockers that are provided. Remember to bring big bottle of water. You will thank me for this! 🙂

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The result will be out and it will also be emailed to you to the email address that you have registered earlier. The result is emailed very fast after Kaya has finished my game. Awesome efficiency.

Here are the prices for the laser tag game:

LaserOPS Indoor Laser Tag Arena @ 1st Avenue Mall, Georgetown, Penang (3)

KayaButter feel that laser tag is definitely a very great game that helps family bonding and friendship strengthening. You need to work in teams in order to score high marks. Besides that, this activity is very suitable for team building for corporate because you don’t have to worry about the weather. Everything is indoor. You only need to worry whether your staffs or friends will FKK you. Hehe 🙂 Next, you play in air-conditioning room and it is painless, compared to paintball. All the ladies will definitely raise their hands and legs to say yes for this game.

Thanks Aaron & Jazz for the invite and the friendly staffs at LaserOPS 1st Avenue in helping us out before, during and after the game.

contact information

LaserOPS Indoor Laser Tag Arena
Level 3-13, 1st Avenue Mall,
182, Magazine Road,
10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel No: +604-251 9092
Email: (For corporate events, team building, school groups and birthday parties)
Facebook Page:

business hours


10:00am – 10:00pm

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