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Lighthouse Coffee Georgetown Penang (7) 3

Last Pit-Stop of Penang Heritage Food Trail, Lighthouse Coffee!!!

The last pit-stop. Everyone is quite tense already because after this round, the winner of HTC Wildfire S will be decided. It’s a close competition between Kaya and another participant, Brandon See Toh. 12 points to 8 points. 🙂
Lighthouse Coffee is part of the Logan Heritage Building. It’s headed by Victor, Chief Barista & Roaster. It has a mission/slogan which is ‘Shine U on the World of Coffee’. Victor is trained Autralia with years of cafe experience. He uses the lighthouse as a symbol of enlightening the coffee industry with the correct method of preparing coffee and also the customers on how to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. It really takes skills and knowledge to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. I really salute Victor for his passion and mission. 🙂