Invited Review: BlackBall Penang Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

Good news for Penangnites! A Taiwanese brand of tea and dessert shop  is here in Pulau Tikus, Penang.

Let me introduce to you, BlackBall Penang – Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

Here’s a bit of their history in Malaysia and Taiwan:

History in Malaysia:

BlackBall company started back in 2006, has bloomed and now stands as one of the biggest dessert chains in Taipei with over 20 outlets and still expanding.

The Story of BlackBall:

Drawing from the idea of ‘Xian Cao’ being ‘black’ in colour and taro ‘balls’, came the birth of BlackBall – a dessert connoiseur that has its roots in Taiwan. The company was founded and created by Mr. Tang, who is an experienced tour guide, when he came across ‘Xian Cao’ by chance upon travelling to ‘Guan Xi’. He was thrilled and excited by what he had encountered, as not only did his new discovery taste great, but it also provided various health benefits. It was from this experience that his dream was born.

This dream finally came true for him after setting up the BlackBall Company in Taipei, introducing his customers to the amazing characteristics of “Xian Cao”. The ingredient has now become a key inclusion in most traditional desserts accross Taiwan. Having started the BlackBall company started back in 2006, has bloomed and now stands as one of the biggest dessert chains in Taipei with over 20 outlets.

The BlackBallers

BlackBall Penang (1)

Their opening ceremony at 20/12/2011. That pretty lady is the manager of the shop. HUAT ar!!!

BlackBall Penang (2)

The entrance of the shop looks very welcoming.

BlackBall Penang (3)

Blackball introduces a very innovative and customer-friendly method to queuing up. Normally, we need to take number from the staff and wait for the number to be called and go and pick up your drink. With this UFO-like thing, you don’t have to worry that you missed the number or always have to be alert to see whether your number is up already. It will automatically beeps you when your order is ready for pick up. How nice is it? Thumbs up for BlackBall for introducing such as good technology. 🙂

BlackBall Penang (4)

Before the review, bloggers are given an iced water each to drink in order to taste every dessert accurately.

BlackBall Penang (5)

Blackball Signature (Hot)     RM6.50

I do not expect blackish dessert to be yummy.

However, after tasting, mmm… NOT BAD!

Very jelly feel, everything in this bowl are so Q and smooth.

BlackBall Penang (6)

We have the option of adding milk to hot Blackball Signature.

BlackBall Penang (7)

Blackball Signature (Cold)     RM6.50

Every ingredients in it, tastes more solid than the hot one.

And because of that, the pearl taste really nice.

BlackBall Penang (8)

Blackball Combo     RM6.50

BlackBall Penang (9)

It is still the Blackball Combo but without grass jelly.

Haha..the grass jelly is in somebody’s stomach already.

BlackBall Penang (10)

Jiu Fen Taro Ball Crushed Ice     RM6.50

The Taro Ball is really nice and QQ.

We like it !

BlackBall Penang (11)


The sky pearl is so special, like little jellyfish swimming in your winter melon tea.

Luckily, the winter melon is not too sweet.

BlackBall Penang (12)


Wow, it is a really refreshing drink!  Sweet + Sour = Lady’s heaven.

Actually, with or without pearl does not make a different. The drink itself is great enough.

*Butter’s favourite !!! Ladies must try !

BlackBall Penang (13)


Surprisingly, the milk is very fresh.

It looks like beautiful marble on the first sight.

BlackBall Penang (14)


BlackBall Penang (15)


Nice drink with lots of very chewy pearl.

It tastes more milky than any other milk tea that i had ever tried.

* Kaya’s favourite !!

          Overall, Blackball provides desserts and tea that are very tasty.

I believe that it can be easily accepted by children, youngsters and working adults  regarding its taste and price.

The price of  its items are affordable and reasonable as the portions are quite a lot and all the ingredients are imported from taiwan.

The shop’s environment are really comfortable and suitable to hang out with friends and family.

Lastly, you will surely miss the taste of the drinks and come back to Blackball again and again, just like us.

Contact Information

Blackball Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

Address : 232 Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang, Malaysia.

Contact No/Tel No : 016-466 1886 (Ms Wong)

Facebook Fan Page:

GPS: 5.429939, 100.313319

Business Hours

Opens daily. Monday – Sunday.

12pm – 12am.

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  1. There are many Taiwanese desserts place in KL too. I wonder which is the real original Taiwanese desserts.

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